Pantry Goals: 10 Tips to Organize your Pantry


10 Tips to Organize your Pantry

A new year usually means a cleaning and purging rampage around my house. I usually start with an overwhelming project and give up. After failing many times to actually complete a full project (welcome to the 95% club) I’ve made notes on what you should do to get it done right the first time.

A great starting place in your new year’s cleaning is your pantry. Have you ever searched Instagram for an organizing hashtag like #organizedpantry or #pantrygoals? I went down that rabbit hole. While it gave me hope about my overcrowded pantry, it also made me feel overwhelmed. I’ve narrowed it down to my top 10 tips to organize your pantry to help you make it through the entire process.


Don’t get started until you have enough time to put it all back. Plan on more time than you need.

I learned this the hard way. I thought I could dump everything out and put it all back in an hour while the baby napped. I was dead wrong. After three half days of moving things around and rearranging I realized it was going to be a week-long, 20 hour project that was best broken up into a couple of hour time chunks. This allowed me to pull things out, toss and clean, then begin picking a permanent shelf for each group of items.


Take everything out of the pantry to begin. Group like items in piles on the floor/counters/tables. Taking everything out allows you to see how much you have, what you do and don’t need, and how much storage space you will need.

A note on sorting: You can sort in any way that works best for your family, but if you need ideas, here is how I sort my items:

  • Less used cooking appliances, extra baking tins and cookie sheets, ice buckets;
  • Cereals, granola, crackers, oatmeal, nuts;
  • Baby food, squeezies, baby cereal bars, teething crackers;
  • Baking supplies: flour, almond flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking powder, meringue;
  • Canned vegetables, salsa, chicken broth and stock cartons;
  • Condiments/Sauces, oils, pasta sauce;
  • Pasta, couscous, quinoa, grains, rice;
  • Consumables: sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, onions, shallots;
  • Tea, Coffee, Hot cocoa, raw sugar, swerve;
  • Almond butter, peanut butter, honey, applesauce;

10 Tips to Organize Your Pantry from #pantrygoals #pantryorganization


Toss any out of date cans or boxes, donate anything you know you won’t use or use in time (I’m looking at you, baby formula and christmas sprinkles) to a local food pantry. If you are on a health food craze, tell your friends to come get the processed, boxed food you won’t be eating. The less food you have to rearrange the quicker it will go and the more space you will have to move around your consumables.


Give the pantry a good scrub down. I usually stick to a microfiber cloth and warm water, but a magic eraser comes in handy for stuck on spills or scuffs. Wipe down cans and boxes while they are separated into piles.


This one is cosmetic and optional, but if you want to decorate now is the time to do it- before you put everything back into the pantry. Does it actually help organize your pantry on it’s own? No, but if you love looking at a space, you are more likely to keep it looking nice. If you have the time and budget, do a little decorating to make your pantry a place you love to look at.

Do you want to paint the shelves or line the back wall with Peel and Stick paper? Pick your style and get to decorating. I chose to freshen up the shelves with crisp white paint and white bins to store food. I used a door rack to hold tea and coffee supplies and organized them by color to brighten the first thing you see.


Once you’ve picked your color scheme and favorite style, you can start shopping for bins. For a minimal clean look, go for clear or white. If you like color, go for coordinated bins in your favorite colors and keep the background solid. I opted for these white Target bins to keep everything looking uniform (and they are under $6, win-win).

Pantry Goals: Ten tips to Organize your Pantry from

7. BUY MORE BINS than you think you will need

It will take more than you think you need to complete this project. When I started on the pantry organization I ran out to Target and grabbed five white bins. I got home and started filling them and quickly realized I needed more. Luckily, I remembered I had a few stashed in the kids dresser to separate clothes and hold toys. I repossessed those bins and put them in the pantry. I was shocked at how many bins I needed to hold what seemed like a minimal amount of baking supplies, pasta, and kid snacks.


Cereal and oatmeal with breakfast, flour and sugar with baking, tea, coffee and cocoa on a shelf, snacks and granola bars all in one area, cleaning supplies and paper towels together. You get the idea- group things that you use together or that serve the same purpose in the same bin or on the same shelf.


Paper towels, cleaning supplies, the food processor, extra cookie sheets, casserole carrying case, ice bucket and entertaining plates are all stored on the top shelf. If you use them enough to keep them, but not daily the top shelf is a great place to store them. The items you use most, like cooking oils, baking supplies, lunch bags, tupperware, and on the go snacks should be stored on lower shelves for easy access.


Since you’ve already scrubbed the entire pantry, you can use the floor for storage. It definitely is not wasted space. Best uses include: trash bags, lunch boxes, playdoh and kid’s painting supplies, bags of napkins, spare containers of foil, plastic wrap and paper plates (all sealed), or a large bin to catch your recycling. Store these extras in large rolling carts or on small shelves.

Remember to keep cleaning supplies up high and away from those babies (and older tide pod kids).



If you want to take it keep it organized, get out some labels and start printing. You can label each bin, basket and shelf so that items can be replaced without any confusion.


Keep a pantry inventory on hand so that you can easily see what you have and what you are running low on. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite pantry inventory printables from Pinterest for you to head over to their website, download and print them out.

Pantry Inventory Spreadsheet

OneMamasDailyDrama Inventory Printable

The Peaceful Mom Pantry Inventory Printable

CarrieElle Printable Pantry Inventory List

With an inventory checklist, you’ll better be able to prevent overbuying, but make sure you have on hand the supplies and foods you need most often. It’s a great resource that has helped with meal planning and overcrowding in my pantry.

Well that’s a wrap. Show me your made over pantry in the comments below!!


10 Tips to Organize Your Pantry from #pantrygoals #pantryorganization



One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal!

It’s finally here, week six of the One Room Challenge and I’ve been working away at updating our Guest Bathroom, DIY style. Are you ready for some awesome before and afters?!?


Here are the before photos- take a look. The bathroom isn’t terrible. It’s builder basic- basic lights, mirror, builder cabinet, and beige vinyl flooring. Okay, maybe it’s terrible. But we’ve fixed that now so keep on scrolling!

 One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal! 

In case you missed it here’s a recap of the previous weeks:

Week 1- Inspiration

Week 2- DIY Painted Vanity

Week 3- Painting Vinyl Floors

Week 4– Floor Stenciling Tips


The time has come to show off how this amazing project turned out. Starting from the top down, the light fixture and mirror were replaced with beautiful black and gold fixtures. The vanity is painted navy blue in a custom mix by General Finishes. 

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

A great way to see the transformation is with a side by side.

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from
One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

There’s no way to say it- toilets aren’t the most beautiful things to look at, but a great way to give the bathroom a pulled together look is by adding artwork and greenery above the throne. 

Tip: Throw a handful of lavender Epsom salts into a decorative cup and your bathroom will smell as relaxing as it feels.

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from
One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

If you’ve kept up with my Instagram stories, you’ve seen the wallpaper poll. While I didn’t want to wallpaper the entire bathroom, a little navy and gold to tie in the vanity was just what these open shelves needed. You voted YES to wallpaper and this pattern overwhelmingly won. It’s perfect for this space. {Wallpaper: Devine Color Celestial available at Target}

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

Check out those floors!!! The stenciled black Cutting Edge Nola Stencil on crisp white is a huge upgrade from the beige vinyl flooring that is underneath all of that paint. 

Hand painted cement tiles are in style right now and this gives the floor a hand painted tiled look without the cost of tile or hand painted tile.

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from
One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

I LOVE LOVE this light fixture. I went to the lighting showroom to search for the perfect light and this fixture tied in the gold/brass mixed metal colors throughout the bathroom perfectly.

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

#Anthrofinds Lastly, I found these gems at Anthropoligie and I fell in love. They are solid yet delicate looking and coordinate perfectly with the other mixed metals in this bathroom.

One of the challenges of this bathroom is that there isn’t any wall space for a towel bar. The window takes up all wall space (but I wouldn’t trade that natural light for anything) so using shelves and towel hooks was a great alternative.

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from StampinFool.comOne Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from


While I would LOVE a fully tiled shower and floor, as well as a new toilet and faucets, this bathroom update was a DIY budget makeover and I wanted to create something that was reproducible by anyone wanting to make a few updates on their own with a small budget.

So, here’s the source list and budget breakdown:

light fixture: Ferguson Park Harbor “Mooretown” $150

mirror: 28″ Project 62 from Target $40

wallpaper: Devine Color Celestial from Target $30

shelf: Lowes Delta Shelf $35

shower curtain: Home goods $14

woven baskets: Target $12

succulents and eucalyptus: Hobby Lobby $10

floral framed photo: Hobby Lobby $15

tile stencil + foam roller: Cutting Edge Stencils Nola $16

paint: $150

Sherwin Williams-

floor and porch primer $27

Minwax polycrylic finish $24

Notre Dame wall paint $55

General Finishes: Lamp Black and Klein Blue $40

All Painting Supplies: Gifted by HANDy Paint 

hand soap and towel: Target $8 + $3

Total: $493

One Room Challenge: Guest Bath Reveal in Williamsburg, VA from

Do you love our DIY updates as much as I do? Drop your favorite part in the comments!!

In case you missed my Instagram posts see them here under the highlights. Check out the reveals from featured designers, and don’t miss out on the guest participants!

HOW TO: Fall Tablescape in 5 Minutes

How To: Fall Tablescape in 5 Minutes from

Fall decorating doesn’t have to be difficult. You can create a beautiful #tablescape in minutes in 4 easy steps. 

1. Start with the centerpiece.
2. Add greenery. 
3. Add pillar candles.
4. Add mini seasonal filler.

How To: Fall Tablescape in 5 Minutes from
How To: Fall Tablescape in 5 Minutes from
How To: Fall Tablescape in 5 Minutes from
How To: Fall Tablescape in 5 Minutes from

For this centerpiece I used a large green pumpkin that @biglots gifted me #ad + a hex gold candle holder from @homegoods
Greenery: Eucalyptus @hearthandhandmagnolia@target
Candles: White pillar and Teal pillars @homegoods
White Mini Pumpkins: @target vase fillers Threshold

That’s all! You can create this super simple, but elegant centerpiece and tablescape in no time. It can easily be swapped out for each season by adding a pop of color or floral for the corresponding season.

How To: Fall Tablescape in 5 Minutes from
How To: Fall Tablescape in 5 Minutes from

How to Paint Vinyl Floors – One Room Challenge, Week 4: Guest Bathroom Update

It’s week four of the One Room Challenge and I have chosen to update our Guest Bathroom. I have six weeks to complete a room, which I will share DIY updates along the way, saving the big reveal for week six! #oneroomchallenge

As part of my bathroom makeover, I am painting and stenciling the bathroom floors as a cost effective alternative to tiling. Check out the inspiration and progress list; the tutorial for painting the floor will be at the bottom of the post!


I am starting to feel the pressure to get everything on the list done. Luckily, things are getting checked off the list. I added a few more small projects, including wallpapering behind the shelf and having a few more holes to patch than anticipated. 
I finally got the floors primed and I have a scheduled sitter for Friday to paint the stencil design. That should catch me up and only leave decorating and photo shooting, which I can handle. 

  1. declutter & deep clean
  2. remove all wall fixtures & cabinet doors
  3. paint walls
  4. paint baseboards
  5. paint & seal vanity cabinet
  6. degloss, sand, and prime floor
  7. wallpaper behind open shelving*
  8. paint, stencil & seal floor
  9. patch holes in wall and repaint*
  10. install mirror
  11. install lighting
  12. install new hardware
  13. hang shower curtain
  14. install towel hooks & style shelves
  15. style counter

In case you missed it here are week 1, week 2, and week 3 and here is the inspiration for the bathroom update. Navy and mixed metals all the way! 

Guest Bathroom Update! Gold & Navy Bathroom Update - One Room Challenge from


As a reminder, here are the before photos. I know the room isn’t terrible, it’s just terribly outdated and a little messy (you should see the hallway where said mess has been displaced to).



This weekend was Anthropologie’s Anthro Day sale, so I headed to Richmond to see what they had. Luckily they had a great selection of towel hooks in the back and as always, they were more than happy to bring out a sampling of what they had and I picked through them. I chose these two brushed gold hooks with a mirror to mimic the round vanity mirror and pink glass for a touch of feminine in the bathroom. I like that they are different, but complement each other. I am ecstatic to hang them!!  

One Room Challenge at

The floors are finally primed. As of last week I was starting to panic about the timeline. Six weeks is a short time to get everything done between waiting on ordered fixtures/furniture and finding the time to do the work yourself when you have a day job and kids in tow. On Saturday, my husband volunteered to watch the baby all day and my MIL took our five year old to the pumpkin patch. It freed me up to prime the floors and baseboards and start on the stenciling.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you saw the first steps of priming- cutting in, then rolling the floors with white porch paint primer. 

One Room Challenge at

One Room Challenge at
Here is a snapshot of the primed floor. Tape of the cabinet, toilet, and door threshold. Start by cutting in the edges with an angled Wooster brush. Now is a good time to freshen up baseboard paint and run a new bead of caulk around the tub and any trim gaps.

Next, roll the floor with primer, starting in the back corner and painting yourself out of the room.

After the recoat time has passed (consult the primer can, but likely around 4 hours) roll a second coat. After the second coat of primer dried on these floors there were a few sections that still looked slightly opaque. I added a third coat. You will never regret adding a coat, you will however regret not doing it!

One Room Challenge at


In case you missed my Instagram posts about it, I chose the Cutting Edge Nola Stencil for the floor. It is a really thick, great quality stencil and came with full instructions and tips for using the stencil. I cannot wait for the floors to be finished. They are going to blow the room out of the water! 


In preparation for my vinyl stenciling, I’ll leave you with some DIY tips to help you out. 

  1. Clean floors with TSP (wear gloves and goggles). Wipe after with water on a microfiber cloth. 
  2. Lightly sand vinyl floors and wipe again with damp microfiber cloth. Dry floors.
  3. Prime with Sherwin Williams Floor and Porch primer. This was highly recommended to me for making sure the floors stay durable and don’t chip, bubble or peel. It is around $27 a can, but definitely worth the price. 
    1. Make sure you have freshly cleaned the floors. Tape off the baseboards or any fixtures you don’t want primed. I primed the trim also.
    1. Cut in. Paint the trim (optional) and floor around the edges of the room with an angled brush. 
    1. Roll the floors with a thin even coat. You will likely need 2-3 coats to cover the existing vinyl. Start in the back corner and work your way of the room. Don’t paint yourself into a corner!
    1. Let dry for approx 4 hours. Roll another coat of primer and let dry. Repeat if needed. It will depend on the texture and color of your flooring as to how many coats you will need to cover it fully. You don’t want any of the existing vinyl showing through. 
    1. Continue to next step if you will be stenciling the floor.
  4. Stencil with General Finishes milk paint and a firm 5″ roller. I have done a ton of painting and General Finishes Milk Paint does a fantastic job with coverage and not showing brushstrokes or amateur painting mistakes. It is really forgiving. I just adore it. You can also now get it on Amazon which is awesome! (Disclosure* This is an Affiliate Link, but it won’t cost you more!)
    1. For the stenciling, I used Cutting Edge Stencils. I ordered the 8″ Nola pattern and a roller.
    1. With the floor properly primed, spray the back of the stencil with removable spray adhesive to avoid pulling up any base coat paint. Never mask over freshly dried paint – the tape will pull it up. Mask off the baseboards, and those surfaces that will not be stenciled. Burnish (rub down) the edge of the tape for a cleaner line with less paint seepage. Always remove your masking tape slowly, pulling it an an angle.
    1. Position your stencil in a way that full tiles are in the most visible area (like as soon as you enter the room) and any cutoff tiles are hidden in the back and corners of the room. You may want to use a light colored chalk line or chalk pencil to give yourself a basic grid to follow so your rows stay square.
    1. Stencil with a dense foam roller.   Pour your stencil paint into a tray or plate and EVENLY load your Dense foam roller by rolling it a few times back and forth through the poured paint. You don’t want a blotchy looking roller. Once your stencil roller is evenly saturated with paint, off load the excess paint by rolling it a couple times on folded paper towels. If the roller leaves stripy lines on the paper towels, reload the roller so it’s evenly coated and then off load it again on your folded paper towels. The roller should appear somewhat dry. It’s always better to have less paint on your roller because too much paint can cause paint seepage under the stencil.

      Start rolling and slowly build up paint coverage using light to medium pressure. Don’t push too hard as this can cause paint bleed under the stencil. Carefully un-tape and pull back a corner of the tile stencil to see if your paint coverage is satisfactory. Continue stenciling. Reload and off load the roller as necessary.
    1. Carefully remove the finished stencil and use the built in registration to align your next stencil repeat. If you’re stenciling over existing tiles, simply center the stencil on your next tile. Most Cutting Edge Stencils have a built in registration that makes alignment easy and intuitive. This means that the stencil aligns with previously stenciled elements. 
  5. Seal with Minwax Polycrylic Finish which can also be purchased at Sherwin Williams. I talked with the paint guys and discussed as well as tried samples of the Polycrylic (water based) and Polyurethane sealers and because the Polyurethane has a slight amber tint we agreed it was best to go with the Polycrylic because it is completely clear. With a 3-4 coats, it should hold up just as well. 
  6. Have the proper supplies: large rolling tray for priming with liner, Handy Pro Pail and liner for the stencil paint color. To help out my super ambitious One Room Challenge, HANDy Paint was kind enough to gift me painting supplies- paint pail, liners, rolling tray, handy tray and liners. A HUGE shout out to HANDY PAINT for the swag– Thanks!! They loaded me up with all I will need to complete this project and I must say I am ecstatic. Clean up will be a breeze. And we all know I struggle with the clean up part.  

A Few More Tips

  • Do thin layers and wait for them to dry. Stenciling will inherently have a stenciled look- not completely filled in, a hand painted appearance. Use a little bit of paint at a time. Go back for more layers after it dries. Touch up any bleeding with your primer.
  • Use a dense firm roller instead of a fluffy roller. The firmer the less it will hold paint, meaning it won’t bleed and take forever to dry. Again, thin layers are best. 
  • To move along quicker, buy two identical stencils and work on every other block, painting yourself out of the room.


Come back next Wednesday for a progress post and a full photo tutorial of the stenciling. This week I’m going to finish painting and patching holes in the wall from previous fixtures. Check out my Instagram Stories to see updates and some DIY tips along the way!

Check out progress from featured designers below, and don’t miss out on the guest participants!









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