New Seascapes Dockatot prints are now Live

New DockATot Seascapes Collection

As I was perusing Instagram this morning, I saw these beauties drop– The NEW DockATot Seascapes Collection is LIVE. Shop Deluxe+ docks now.⁣⁣

Inspired by the breathtaking coastal shots of two world-renowned travel photographers, @mvernicos and @ariellevey. Using state-of-the-art digital printing technology, the Seascapes Collection offers saturated, vivid hues that will transport you from the every day.☀️⁣⁣

This post contains affiliate links, but is not a sponsored ad- when you buy, I receive a percentage at no cost to you.

If you’ve been following for the past two years, you know that I LOVE our DockATot. When baby 2 was born, I needed sleep- safe sleep. I was really particular about not using a swing or bouncer or rocker or carseat for baby sleep. I was terrified of a sleep accident. I ended up kicking my husband out of our bed and stripping it down to nothing but a sheet and swaddling her in the middle. I slept an arms length away. It worked for 6 months. Then we were ready for a change. I wanted my bed back and so did the hubs. Long story short, at 9 months she started sleeping in a DockATot Grand and then everyone was sleeping better.

She now sleeps on her own. We take it on vacations, we take in from room to room when needed and she knows it’s her bed and it’s her comfortable safe place.

I am sooo excited about these new prints. Although they aren’t made for the Dock Grand, which we are using now because Hels is almost 2, they are adorable, colorful and calming! Check them out–

NEW DockATot Seascapes collection

DESERT PALM – The swaying breeze and rainbow hues of Southern California will lull baby into a calm sleep.⁣⁣
SPLASH – Dive into the deep turquoise waters.⁣⁣
CATALINA – Take in the dreamy SoCal sunsets.⁣⁣
LIFE’S A BEACH – Hop on board to explore the vibrant shorelines of Coastal Greece.⁣⁣
SAIL AWAY – Enjoy peaceful harbor by picturesque European seaside ports.⁣⁣
Available in Deluxe+.⁣⁣
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If you’ve been thinking about getting a DockATot, DO IT!! It was worth every penny for us. I have peace of mind knowing that there have been zero sleep deaths (with this product) to date and we are all sleeping better in our own spaces.

I’ll tell you the honest truth behind my DockATot story, I missed a HUGE deal by waiting around and not thinking about it too hard. I had been eyeing them and I really wanted one, but it is expensive. It’s a luxury item and we don’t do debt- if we can’t pay cash, we don’t buy it. Last year DockATot had a rare 500K Followers Instagram sale (two days before my birthday). They don’t go on sale often, but I was on the mailing list and got an email a few days before that they would be celebrating 500,000 Instagram likes by offering 50% for the first 500, and 25% off on ALL products.

I kept thinking about it. I kept debating. So much so that I had the DockATot Grand in my cart and didn’t pull the trigger at the 50% off mark. I missed out. It was driving me nuts. So, at 11pm when I was restless and couldn’t stop thinking about how good of a deal it was and that it was unlikely to happen again, I couldn’t pass it up. I grabbed my phone and ordered the Dock Grand in the beautiful En Via La Rose print while laying in bed kicking myself for not ordering it earlier in the day.

I don’t regret buying it. We use it every day and like a sofa or a bed, you want a quality item if you are going to use it every day. So, that’s the saga of our DockATot Grand purchase. Long story short, if you can afford it, buy it- you won’t be disappointed. And if you hate it, return it.

And full disclosure-this post contains affiliate links-  when you buy, I receive a percentage at no cost to you. I love my DockATot and constantly recommend it- I am excited to share the new prints available!

DockATot Grand Review: A Year Later at

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