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Last week I told you how I was being intentional about sending out cards, mail, packages and to help with that I needed an address book. I checked my normal spots- Target, B&N, and etsy. I couldn’t find one hat had enough room for my large handwriting and enough pages to add things like return labels (I cut them out to keep addresses and paste them in the book) and additional info like birthdates.

Then I remembered, I ordered an Erin Condren planner last year and loved it so why not check for an EC address book and wow was I impressed! Now the price tag is around $45 which may sounds crazy, but in reality I will only ever need one address book in my lifetime and this one has more than enough pages to handle that. {backstory:  A long ago I learned that quality trumps price on most things that will last a lifetime. I needed a pair of cooking tongs but the silicon handle, stainless steel tongs were $15 which was basically what I was making an hour on a really tight after college budget. A good friend reminded me that the quality ones would last better than the cheapo tongs and I would spend more replacing them. True story. I saved and splurged on the quality tongs and would you guess 5 years later I use them alsmost every meal, 3 times a day, 365 days a year and they are still in great condition. Not to mention that I tell everyone how awesome they are and how much they help me in the kitchen.}

Erin Condren Address Book with $10 off coupon

I’m loving all the personalized products and organizational accessories I’ve found at Erincondren.com! Check it out for yourself and you’ll receive $10 off your first purchase!

So you get it, this is an instance where quality will benefit me in the long run. An address book isn’t something you should have to replace (otherwise you’ve lost your addresses!). They had the perfect print for me- leopard. I’m on a huge leopard kick right now. It’s wild, but neutral colors. It’s perfect. And now I am adding addresses that were scattered around the house and getting on track for keep the mail going out. If you love this address book and are thinking about buying one, use this link and you’ll save yourself $10.

In addition to my new address book, I am in the middle of an office/craft studio makeover. I saw a Threshold cube organizer at Target and knew it would be perfect for my Project Life albums. The 13″ cubes were on sale and so was the cube system, so I bought two and started organizing.

I like a lot of white space in my Project Life albums so that the photos speak for themselves and the journaling cards stand out. I’ve been using the Collect iPhone app to record the dates and a quick message about each photo. I then use the bulk export feature to export the month’s photos and use them in the Project Life app to a) do a quick digital layout and print it or b) combine two 3×4 photos and print as 4×6 to cut to 3×4 for my PL layouts.

Here I added a photo of my coffee and a few simple cards and printed 8×8 to add to the 2016 album I’m working on.

Then I added a few photos of my renovation to the PL App and printed it to add to the album. Don’t judge my office “before” pictures. I’m a disorganized wreck and this is our catch all room. I quickly purged bags of scraps, old projects, unfinished ideas and put all of my craft supplies back in their place.  

Because the App is so easy to use, I have an easy time keeping up with weekly layouts. I’m not super strict on the days or when it gets done, but when I have a few minutes I add photos and my favorite Moments Like These- Stampin’ Up! Cards to the layouts and export them as 12 x 12 layouts.  Here’s a peek at the last few weeks.

You can see they are simple and clean. But that’s what I like. And I like that I can actually keep up with it because it doesn’t require a lot of time. They are also consistent. I use Snapseed, another iPhone app, to edit photos. I make sure they have good natural lighting and brighten them up a bit more with the photo editing app so that the layouts are light and the photos are visible.


Alright, that’s all I have for your today but tags a lot of layouts! And when I think about the amount of time it took me to create them, I’m thrilled. It’s encouraging.

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