How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden from

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden

This summer our garden has kind of been a flop. While the cucumbers and squash didn’t grow as well as they usually do, the green beans flourished. We picked and ate them multiple times with our dinner and decided to pluck and freeze the rest for later use. I am going to share a quick and easy way to freeze green beans from your garden so that you can enjoy them all year long.

Why freeze green beans? Well, you have three choices: eat them, freeze them, or can them. I prefer frozen vegetables to canned because they remain firm. I have been lucky enough to cook mostly fresh vegetables for the majority of my adult life and really prefer them firm and bright green over slightly soft. I also like to control the saltiness, which can be overpowering when canned. It is total preference here. If you love canned green beans, let me know in the comments and give me your secrets!!

Here is a photo of one of the eight raised garden beds we grew veggies in this year. Silas is hard at work picking the beans so that I can cook them. (This particular variety is Yellow Wax bush bean, which tastes like green beans even though they are yellow. They have a very earthy flavor).

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden from

Alright, grab your supplies and let’s get started.

What you’ll need to freeze green beans:

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden

  1. Wash beans. Trim or snap off ends.
  2. Boil water in large dutch oven.
  3. Once boiling, drop beans and boil for 2 minutes.
  4. Remove beans from water and place in ice cold water bowl to stop the cooking process. I do this in the sink.
  5. Pat green beans dry.
  6. Place beans single layer on a cookie sheet and place in freezer until frozen. Place desired serving size in ziplock freezer bags.
  7. Don’t forget to date the frozen green beans before placing them in the freezer. *Best eaten within 6 months.

How I cook them:

Boil water, drop in frozen beans, boil for 3 minutes until bright green, drain and add grass fed butter and salt.

What do you think? Pretty easy isn’t it! Will you and your family try freezing green beans this year? Lastly, I’ll share this sweet green bean face?

Happy Gardening, friends!

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden from



Life with Helen: DOCKATOT REVIEW

When baby number two was on the way I was still struggling to get preschooler one to stay in his bed all night. Would the revered baby product DockATot be the answer? (Hint, YES it would & this post contains affiliate links- you buy, I receive a percentage).

It’s no secret that new moms don’t get much sleep. (Prego moms don’t get much sleep either, making the start even rougher). Mom fears are the worst!

Helen loves her DockATot

Enter Helen. She is the sweetest. But, she wouldn’t sleep anywhere except on my chest. When you’re exhausted and your baby eats ever two hours and she won’t sleep ANYWHERE you start to go a little crazy. We tried it all- the bassinet, the crib, the swing, the bouncer during the day to practice. It didn’t work. Although she never cries at any other time and is a happy baby, she refused to sleep anywhere and I am very serious about safe sleep. I was too scared to have her sleep in the swing or rock and play type toy unsupervised (aka while I was sleeping). So we resorted to my husband sleeping on a mattress on the floor of my son’s room and me and baby camping out, sleeping sitting up in our king size bed, with no blankets or pillows.

By the four month mark I was getting desperate. Most nights she was still waking herself up every two hours. I had seen posts about the DockATot on Instagram before Helen was born. They have two sizes, the for babies 8 months and younger and the Grand for older babies to use into their toddler years. The online reviews seemed to all be unanimous – the DockATot is a must have! I have to admit I was a little reluctant to make the purchase. This gift from above comes with a price tag between $175-290, depending on the size and design you choose (click here to check out the variety of options they have to offer). I didn’t know if I would need it and didn’t want to buy it before she was born. But she was here now and the need was great. I decided that I needed to commit.

PS they have this new banana leaf pattern cover and I LOVE it!

Helen loves her DockATot

We are using the Dock-A-Tot to transition Helen to sleeping on her own, though it is important to note that DockATot does NOT recommend the use of the DockATot in the crib – Helen is always supervised – in our own bed for co-sleeping so that I can feed her as needed.

While its best quality is the quality of sleep I am now getting knowing she is both safe and sleeping longer at night, I also tote it around the house for Helen to play in while I do laundry, dishes or work.

It is definitely our favorite household thing!

Finally, because we are friends, I’d love to help you save a couple bucks for your own purchase of the Dock-A-Tot.  Click here for a sweet $10 discount!

Swede dreams (get it, it is made in Sweden), friends!


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