How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden from

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden

This summer our garden has kind of been a flop. While the cucumbers and squash didn’t grow as well as they usually do, the green beans flourished. We picked and ate them multiple times with our dinner and decided to pluck and freeze the rest for later use. I am going to share a quick and easy way to freeze green beans from your garden so that you can enjoy them all year long.

Why freeze green beans? Well, you have three choices: eat them, freeze them, or can them. I prefer frozen vegetables to canned because they remain firm. I have been lucky enough to cook mostly fresh vegetables for the majority of my adult life and really prefer them firm and bright green over slightly soft. I also like to control the saltiness, which can be overpowering when canned. It is total preference here. If you love canned green beans, let me know in the comments and give me your secrets!!

Here is a photo of one of the eight raised garden beds we grew veggies in this year. Silas is hard at work picking the beans so that I can cook them. (This particular variety is Yellow Wax bush bean, which tastes like green beans even though they are yellow. They have a very earthy flavor).

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden from

Alright, grab your supplies and let’s get started.

What you’ll need to freeze green beans:

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden

  1. Wash beans. Trim or snap off ends.
  2. Boil water in large dutch oven.
  3. Once boiling, drop beans and boil for 2 minutes.
  4. Remove beans from water and place in ice cold water bowl to stop the cooking process. I do this in the sink.
  5. Pat green beans dry.
  6. Place beans single layer on a cookie sheet and place in freezer until frozen. Place desired serving size in ziplock freezer bags.
  7. Don’t forget to date the frozen green beans before placing them in the freezer. *Best eaten within 6 months.

How I cook them:

Boil water, drop in frozen beans, boil for 3 minutes until bright green, drain and add grass fed butter and salt.

What do you think? Pretty easy isn’t it! Will you and your family try freezing green beans this year? Lastly, I’ll share this sweet green bean face?

Happy Gardening, friends!

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden from



Simple, Handmade Coffee Notecard

Happy Friday!  What a week. Things are getting busier by the day- school is out (partially), it’s Vacation Bible School for the boy and the girl is having 10 month old separation anxiety. I love my kids, but I am one tired mama.

BUT, COFFEE. Saves the day every time!

I have a super quick and simple note card for you today. You can easily make a stack of these handmade cards to give to a friend as a pick me up. AND You only need four supplies to make it happen!

Grab your supplies and join the fun!




Explosion Box: Handmade Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day was Sunday. Last Sunday! And I just finished up an explosion box as part of this years handmade gift. How bout you? Any other late crafters.

Each year I do a couple of things: 1) make a handmade card 2) get the dog and kid(s) hand or footprints into the card or on a piece of artwork 3) get it framed to hang in Husband’s office. He has graciously hung every card, framed drawing, and canvas painting that the babe or me have made. You can see a selection of past artwork in these posts about a DIY Father’s Day #1 DAD Canvas, DIY Wood Photo Transfers and Monster Father’s Day Footprint fun.

The Explosion Box How-To

Explosion boxes have become my go-to handmade gift. They are thoughtful, relatively easy to make, can hold any photos or memorabilia, and are downright cool. The look on the recipients face is priceless- especially when it is filled with their favorite memories and kind words.

You can make an explosion box super simple or with many layers and pieces. For this explosion box, I chose to make a simple base and add one insert of favorite photos from our year (2018).

*Photo Tip*

To make the perfect size printable photos for an explosion box I use the Project Life iPhone App and collage two or four pictures into one, then print, cut and glue them where I need. It is a great way to get them down to a 2″x 2″ or 3″x 4″ size which fits into the boxes quite well.

Explosion Box DIY Father's Day Gift How To from

Starting Out

The base size for this explosion box is a 4″ cube so you will start with 12×12″ card stock and score at the 4″ mark on all four sides. Cut out and remove the outer sections.

Lid: 6 1/4″ x 6 1/4″, scored at 1″ on all sides. Cut tabs.

Decorate before you glue.


Explosion Box DIY Father's Day Gift How To from

Explosion Box DIY Father's Day Gift How To from

Explosion Box DIY Father's Day Gift How To from



Craft Sale @ Stampin’ Up! Clearance Rack

Happy Wednesday! Today is accounting day- I attempt to go into the law office and get a little bookkeeping done, generally while the baby sits at my feet getting into things.

Meanwhile, I am daydreaming about what crafty things I will come up with next. Ha!  I periodically check the clearance rack from Stampin’ Up! and I have to say there are some impressive deals.  The acorn punch, balloon framelits, and Christmas paper galore (I’m looking at you Merry Music)!

As always, it is limited availability so snag it while you still can.


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