Vote Now: Stitch Fix January 2019

It’s here! My January Stitch Fix box has arrived and now it’s time to show off the goods. Drop a comment with your fav from this box and head over to my Instagram Stories to vote on each piece.

First up is a black and white striped sweater with brown weathered elbow patches. I love black and white so this is a favorite of mine.

Next up is this printed back with ivory arrow pattern blouse. It’s comfortable, but can be dressed up for work.

I’m not going to lie- I’m not a fan of red or burgundy, BUT this cardigan is amazing. It’s comfortable, has pockets (eek!!) and looks great with jeans. I wouldn’t normally jump, but for this cardi I’m thinking KEEP.

Lastly, a blue and red floral faux wrap dress. It’s a little short for my body, but the pattern is nice.

Want to hear more about Stitch Fix. And I’m glad, because I have a lot of great info for you. I will be showing off the pieces of clothing I received, reviewing them, and talking an little bit about why and what I love and didn’t love.

I kept seeing Stitch Fix show up in my Pinterest feed and knew I needed to try it out. I wanted to be a part of all the buzz, and I am certainly glad I did. Let me answer your most pressing question, can I afford it and is it expensive.  My answer is YES and YES.

For the first part, can I afford it: the answer is yes you can afford to have a few nice pieces of clothing- if it is in your budget.  Don’t expect to get a $20 shirt.  And if you are on a really tight budget and don’t have and extra $100 wiggle room, this may not be the box for you.  I understand, I’ve been there. All things considered, most of my Stitch Fix pieces are around $38.00- $50.00.  I usually shop at Target on the clearance rack, so this is sticker shock, BUT, when you find a really nice piece of clothing, like a silk blouse, that will last for a long time and looks unique, it makes it worth the price.

Secondly, is it expensive? If you are used to shopping at Goodwill and Target or catching bottom rack sales, you are going to jump at the price.

Okay, so there you have it. I am happy enough to keep going. Part of it is strategic. You get the $20 styling fee credited to your order (you paid it when the box shipped) and then you get 25% off if you buy all 5 pieces, so sometimes, it is cheaper to buy them all & get the discount.

Make sure you note to your stylist that you were keeping them for a gift, or keeping them for the price not that you loved them. Leave feedback. Specific feedback for the best picks and Pin your favs because your stylist can send you items that you’ve pinned!

Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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