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Ultimate Guide to Choosing ART For Your Home

Artwork is a great way to show your style in any room and add a personal touch to your home.

The best place to start is by figuring out what style fits your home decor best. Once you know that, choosing the right amount of pieces becomes much easier!

Here you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to choose the proper size and style art as well as inspiration in every category. No matter what look you prefer, we’ve got something perfect for every space in your home – from the living room to kitchen and powder room art.


I’ve enjoyed sharing my favorite summer artwork pieces with you with thoughts of beaches and boats.

Now I’ll give you a few tips of displaying artwork in your own home.

  • Don’t feel rushed- choose art you love
  • GO BIG. BIGGER THAN YOU THINK, ie 48″ – 60″ for a sofa or large wall
  • Small art has a place to adorn side tables, bookshelves and on unexpected narrow walls
  • Try adding a piece of artwork to your kitchen
  • Hang it at the right height- centered at eye level (57″)
  • Get it framed, especially canvases
  • Shop anywhere for art- vintage, thrifted, online, estate sales, instagram
  • Use risers and easels for a fun display
  • Mix traditional with modern whether it be the frame or the neighboring wall/room
  • Don’t be afraid of hanging non traditional things as art- sculpture, rugs, hats, door knobs, scarfs, favorite fabrics


I will start with the rule: GO BIG. BIGGER THAN YOU THINK. Typically, I don’t buy art smaller than 18″ x 24″ for hallways, stairwells or as part of a collection. 

When buying art for above a sofa or piece of furniture it should be 2/3 the size of that piece. So for a 90″ sofa, your artwork should 60″ wide. That’s huge! Have you ever bought art that large? 

It’s crazy right? But when you have a large piece of furniture or a huge blank wall that’s 10′ long, you need a substantial piece of art to fill it, not just a 12″ or 24″ canvas from Target. (I love you Target, but I love art more).


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