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April Bailey Waltrip

Based in Williamsburg, VA

Email:  aprilwaltrip@gmail.com

Web: www.StampinFool.com

Instagram: instagram.com/stampin.fool

Hello! And welcome to Stampin Fool, where I share my design projects and colorful, affordable home decor that works with family life, ie helping you get past the “I can’t have nice things while I have kids” mentality.

My name is April Waltrip, and I live in a quaint colonial house in Williamsburg, Virginia, with my Husband and two adorable children.

I love all things black and white, blue and white, palm print, pink, gold and Hollywood Regency! It’s been a journey finding my style, from Marie Kondo’ing my house, then finding that I needed to fill it with meaningful pretty things again and that total minimalism wasn’t for me. I love a mix of new traditional with chinoiserie chic.

I may or may not be addicted to coffee, Target, and throw pillows.

Why the name “Stampin Fool”?

fool. noun. informal. “a person devoted to a particular activity”. I wanted something that captured how much I love crafting and putting my “stamp” on the things I love. I started blogging craft instructables so naturally, Stampin Fool was the perfect fit.

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