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Happy Thursday & Welcome back to StampinFool. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus and for good reason- Baby #2 is on the way. Unfortunately, as baby has been making it’s way, I have been bearing the brunt of it.  It has left little time for crafting, shopping, cooking, or just about anything else.

Luckily, things are starting to look (and feel) better and we’ve hit the 16 week mark.  Babe is scheduled to arrive in early August.  We’re excited.

Now that I am getting my life back in order, you’ll be seeing more posts, more crafts, and more things coming out of the blog.  Thanks for bearing with me during this time.

Now who wants to see that bump?  I have a few pictures for you, as well as my first Maternity Stitch Fix outfit box.

Maternity: Stitch Fix box February 2017

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Do you want to see the rest of the outfits I received in this month’s box?  Here they are:

I love this Black and white heart print sleeveless top.  It has a cute fluttery detail at the hem. It is slightly longer in the front which will make it perfect for wearing for a full nine months.

Maternity: Stitch Fix box February 2017

Maternity: Stitch Fix box February 2017

Don’t you love the bright blue color of this blazer?  It’s a great spring color!  Unfortunately, this didn’t fit over my belly very well, so it’s going back, but it is a great piece.

Maternity: Stitch Fix box February 2017

I LOVE LOVE this top.  The colors are bright and the pattern is interesting. I like the stretch in the sides and built in extra. It will make a great addition to my wardrobe.

Maternity: Stitch Fix box February 2017

Alright, you are going to love this maxi dress.  It has a navy top portion and coral and navy floral skirt.  I like the lightweight feel, the soft fabric and how pretty the print is.  Isn’t the coral color beautiful?

Maternity: Stitch Fix box February 2017 Maternity: Stitch Fix box February 2017

It’s the perfect addition to my little bump.  I am loving these pieces and cannot wait for my next box. I’ll share it with you as soon as it comes in!

You can grab your own (non) maternity box here: Stitch Fix.

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