Why You Should Join a Local Botanical Garden

Why You Should Join a Local Botanical Garden

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Why you should choose Botanical Garden Membership

Why You Should Join a Botanical Garden

Happy Earth Day 2019

While I don’t often post seemingly random, odd topics blog entries, it is Earth Day and I think it’s important to share what we love. So today we will talk about the importance of Botanical Gardens and membership! Our family is lucky enough to live in Eastern Virginia and between the Virginia Beach oceanfront and Richmond beautiful landscapes abound.

Three years ago we almost every Sunday we would venture up to Richmond for the day. The kids would nap in the car, we would eat lunch at a local, non chain restaurant, and then walk the mall or go to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

Two years ago we joined Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden with a family membership. After realizing how often we used that time as our weekend getaway or activity, it made sense financially to join the botanical garden. The perks of reciprocal admission to over 300 gardens across the US was definitely compelling. But knowing we can help support local #plantlove and education is important.

We enjoy taking the kids and walking the botanical gardens. Discussing what plants thrive where and picking out our favorites is a way to get the little ones involved. We get ideas for our own flowerbeds (which are a train wreck by the way). With our membership, we have the option to take a variety of classes- floral, gardening, butterfly. I’m excited to try them out this spring and summer.

Why you should choose Botanical Garden Membership

It doesn’t matter which garden you choose, but becoming a member helps support education, food sustainability, research, plant conservation and has a local impact. I’ll give you my list of reasons to join your local botanical garden:

  • Great way to entertain your kids and wear them out
  • Walking the gardens is great exercise!
  • Introduces children to plants and lets them explore
  • You get to see beautiful plants up close
  • Funds horticulture and plant species conservation
  • Education: growing food, teaching urban gardening and water management, locally
  • Work force training for community members
  • Reciprocal admission to 300+ other botanical gardens
  • Non-profit botanical garden memberships are tax deductible, woo hoo!

Help teach your children, family and community about plant life and it’s importance to sustaining our world!!

Here is a listing of Botanical Gardens that are part of the American Horticultural Society whose membership includes reciprocal admissions.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from some of our Lewis Ginter visits.

Conservatory at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden birds of Paradise

Orchids at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Cacti at the botanical garden

Join a botanical garden

Why You Should Join a Local Botanical Garden

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