Everything You Need From Amazon To Make A Home Office Overnight

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Everything You Need From Amazon To Make A Home Office Overnight

Admittedly, we are living in strange times that affect all of us in one way or another. If you’re like me, you may find yourself having to work from home without a dedicated home office. What was a temporary work from home situation will either permanently affect the way you work or your company may have extended the work at home order through the end of the year or further.

So if you’ve found yourself in a work from home for an extended period of time situation and your kitchen table just isn’t cutting it, here’s what you need to make working at home comfortable.

I’ve rounded up the best rated and reviewed Amazon home office necessities that you can order and have delivered in two days or less. So if you’ve hit your breaking point, search no further.


The first thing you’ll need is a chair that designed to sit all day. Because we are stuck in a small space for hours on end, we want to make sure we are comfortable.

I like this one because it doesn’t have arms, so it’s narrower, which gives you more room under the desk to move around, swivel, and generally takes up less space.



While you’re at it, grab a wall clock that’s both functional and decorative. We know you’ll be stuck at the desk for hours, so keep track of time in style.


Are you a disorganized mess with papers everywhere? Do you constantly have to pick up your stack and move it to eat meals at the table? You need a system.

Part of that organizational system should include a way to store loose papers and reports, notes to self and maybe even your favorite magazine. You’ll also want a desk with drawers to save space and keep the clutter at bay, but more on that later.


What day of the week is it anyway? I don’t know, do you know?

I think we’ve all felt this way at some point in the recent months of working from home. I know I have questioned on many day, what day of the week is it.

While this oversized number wall calendar looks great, it’s also practical these days.


If you’ve been working at the dining table or kitchen island, or maybe even moving around from one spot to another, you probably need a desk to call home base.

With that, you should aim for a desk with at least one drawer to control the clutter (ie keep a stapler, any loose paperwork, pens, highlighters and post its).

Iv’e scoured Amazon, and these two options below are my ultimate favorites with brass details. I love the oval desk for the shape and glam look it brings to the table.

Oval Lacquered Brass Desk

Faux Shagreen Desk

And the faux shagreen texture is one of my favorites, so this one is a win also. Both of these desks are small in size, so they won’t take up much room.

You can easily tuck them into a corner of the living room or even a bedroom.


Not only is lighting practical for seeing what you are working on, but in the era of Zoom meetings, everyone can use a little extra flattering light. This desk lamp will gives off multiple light colors and temperatures for the perfect zoom glow.


Give me all the coffee. At this point I’m running on coffee. And I am a huge fan of the french press. Personally, we make a 4 cup press every morning. Let’s be honest, half of it gets reheated and enjoyed throughout the day.

Ultimately, this Bodum french press does the job every time. It’s the second on I bough after the first one died at the hand of my kids throwing it on the ground. I’ll never buy another brand.

So, keep your home office running on coffee with this top notch french press.


Alright, this one is a techie thing. And to be honest I’m not sure I can greatly describe how they work, but I know what they do. Think wireless mouse. Well, air pods allow you to listen to your phone, podcast, music, or zoom meeting without wires and without being wired.

This gives you the flexibility to move around hands free. In addition, because they are bluetooth, you can use them with any other bluetooth device, not only Apple products.

They come in the cute, little case which also serves at the charging station for them, which plus in with a USB to an outlet.


Because we will be working from the comforts of our home for a long time coming, you’ll want to make sure you are comfortable enough to be productive. There’s nothing better than a cashmere-like throw blanket stored on your desk chair to give you that soft, happy feeling.

Along with good feelings, comes productivity. So bring on the work and enjoy the throw blanket.


Last, but certainly not least is a great water cup. We know how easy it is to sit at your desk all day and forget to get up and move. Sometimes we forget to eat, and definitely drink water. So grab yourself a colorful water cup that shows your style and stay hydrated at your desk. 

The benefit of these home office products is that they are all available from Amazon, so you’ll be able to add to cart today and get them by tomorrow or the next day. Treat yourself to a dedicated work space where you can thrive.


Everything you need to work from home, Set up a home office overnight.

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