GUEST ROOM CHECKLIST & Grandmillennial PRINTABLE WIFI Password Signs

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GUEST ROOM CHECKLIST & Grandmillennial PRINTABLE WIFI Password Signs

The Christmas season is fast approaching and with it comes the task of hosting family and friends. We want you to be guest ready, so follow along with this checklist (you can print it too) and print out one of our Grandmillennial wifi password signs for your guests as well!

grandmillennial guest room hostess checklist

1. Prep your room for guests with things they may need

Here is a list of basic things you will need to provide your guests with, in addition to a bed and fresh, clean bedding.

  • makeup remover pads
  • extra quilt/throw blanket
  • phone charger
  • full length mirror
  • 2-3 towels per person
  • table lamp for reading
  • travel toiletries
  • wastebasket
  • tissues & extra toilet paper
  • a candle + matches

2. add in bottled water & snacks

An added bonus for your guests will be a few bottles of water and a small basket of snacks- an apple, granola, crackers, so that they don’t have to ask if it’s late at night or you are out for the day. It’s a nice gesture to let them know they are thought of (and keep them out of your cabinets).

3. print out the wi-fi password sign

Because everyone needs to know the wi-fi password, I made these adorable printable wifi signs. You can choose the pattern that coordinates with your room best.

4. happy hosting!

If you love hosting as much as I do, put n a playlist and get to work making it a happy holiday place for your guests!

Use this handy graphic to help you remember.

Pin it for later & share it with everyone on Facebook so that they don’t make a fool of themselves this year. Happy Hosting!

Blue and White Hydrangea Wifi Password Printable

Download the free wifi password printable!

Green Hydrangea Wifi Password Printable

green grandmillennial wifi password printable

Pink Grandmillennial Wifi Password Printable

pink grandmillennial wifi password printable

Bamboo Grandmillennial Wifi Password Printable

wifi password printable
grandmillennial guest room checklist

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