2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide: Get the Quick & Easy Online Gifting Ideas

2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide

2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With 2020 Mother’s Day approaching, it’s likely you’ll need to find the perfect gift for that awesome mom friend of yours or your own mother (or yourself). Because let’s face it, the father, as awesome as he may be, may not be the best gift giver.

So learn from my mistake of expecting an awesome gift and feeling slightly let down that you work hard as a mom 365 days a year. And you really wish for a thoughful gift.

Even if you can’t make it happen for yourself, get the perfect gift for a friend or your world’s best mom.

I’ve been watching the trends for gifting holiday’s and here are my very favorite gifts from the easy to order from places Etsy and Amazon. Let’s get down to finding you the perfect gift.

Treat Yourself for Mother’s Day

Although Treat Yo Self came out of comedy, it resonates by reminding us to take care of ourselves. Self care is so so important, and cheaper than therapy (not that I don’t place significant value on therapy, more on that later).

For treating yourself, we are seeing trends of bauble earrings, warm scented bath and organic body products, original artwork, and handmade crafts that give you a feeling of indulgence.

Custom House Portrait. Etsy

I came across these custom house protaits on Instagram and instantly fell in love. You send a photo of your own (or a friend or parent’s) home and the artist makes a beautiful watercolor print. The print is then mailed to you for framing and hanging in your own home.

One of the reasons I love this gift is because it is both unique and sentimental!

2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide: Custom House Portrait

Leopard Print Throw Blanket. Amazon

By now, you all know how much I love leopard print. From tops to pillows or shoes and purses, I love leopard. This leopard print throw is no exception. It will make the perfect cozy addition to any sofa or armchair.

Use it to snuggle up with a cup of coffee while reading a book or watching your favorite show. I know you’ll get great use out of this soft blanket. Which will let you temporarily escape from life’s craziness.

2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide: Leopard Print Throw Blanket

Huge Leather Tote. Etsy.

In the mornings as I am getting ready to walk out of the door I take my water cup, coffee mug, and lunch out to the car. Then I typically start the car, put the kids’ lunches in the car and start gathering my bags for the day. I have a purse, a larger bag with a laptop, and another large tote with an extra water, a notebook, pens, planner, a sweater, and probably a diaper or toy.

I’m undeniably a bag lady. I carry more bags than can fit on my arms in one trip to the car. And in my preparation, I’ve passed the trait on to my two year old who now collects as many blankets and stuffed animals as she can carry before we leave the house.

All this to say, this leather tote from Etsy is the perfect large tote bag for yourself, your mom, or your best bag lady friend. You won’t be disappointed.


2020 Mother’s Day for the Best Gal

Mother’s Day is so much more than love for your own mother. One of the best kinds of love is that of friendship. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let your friend know how much you care and love her.

Snag a special gift to let her know that she’s a great mom!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Amazon.

It’s also no surprise that I love coffee. (I even make a nod to it in my bio). And I have to say a lot of moms of young kids are also coffee lovers out of desperation I suppose.

You can feed into their habit, with this cold press coffee maker. And you’ll be saving her a few dollars on Starbucks while you’re at it.


Kate Spade New York Travel Mug Tumbler, 16 Ounces, Navy Stripe (Bee). Amazon.

After you’ve been the coffee fairy, she’ll need the right coffee cup to take it along throughout the day. This Kate Spade is classic with the blue and white stripe, but also a little bit whimsical with the bee.

Personally, my mother in law gifted this to me and I use it every day. I start with coffee and refill with water all day. It fits perfectly in the car cupholder and the lid locks tight to prevent spills.

2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide: Kate Spade New York Insulated Thermal Travel Mug Tumbler, 16 Ounces, Navy Stripe (Bee)

Extra Large Picnic Blanket. Amazon.

Since it’s Mother’s Day we are talking about, we should touch on something practical. If you have young kids, you need ways to entertain them.

For us, that means a trip to the park or lawn to run off energy. I keep a waterproof picnic blanket in the car at all times so that we can grab a boxed lunch and picnic on the go.

It has proved invaluable to feed hungry kids and give them a change of scenery to keep them happy. We truly love going out to the Palace lawn and eating chicken salad on crackers, sitting on this blanket it in the warm sun and chasing bubbles. (I also keep bubbles in the car and they do not disappoint).


Knock Knock Passive Aggressive Nifty Note Pad. Amazon.

A little sarcasm goes a long way and this checks all the boxes, literally. I can’t get enough of these knock-knock brand note pads. They have great sayings and are a fun little way to blow off steam.

Your mom friends will use them at home to remind dad not to dump clothes on the floor or use them at the office keep coworkers out of their lunch in the fridge. You really can’t go wrong with the passive aggressive note.


2020 Mother’s Day for Your Dearest Mom

So there really isn’t a rule that you have to buy any of these gifts and gadgets for a specific person. You can pick and choose who they most fit or buy a little something for yourself.

But, whatever you do, don’t forget to put a little effort into a thoughtful gift for the one who gave you life, your dear mom.


Dana’s Bakery is the way to my heart and hopefully that of your dear mom too. These delicious macarons are a sweet treat to show mom a lot of appreciation.

They come in many flavors and ship in a cold box so that they stay fresh long enough for you to get them and enjoy them for a few days. If you can wait that long to eat them all.

Dana’s Bakery is based in NYC but ship all across the US.

2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide: Dana's Bakery Macarons

Personalized Cutting Boards. Etsy.

Being in the kitchen comes with the mom territory. It always makes things go smoother when you have the right tools. Which is why having a great cutting board is essential.

These engraved personalized cutting boards are a great way to say, I love you, and I hope your nightly cooking is easier.


SCOUT Reusable Tote Bags. Amazon.

Once again, my awesome mother in law gifted me a Scout tote bag and I get so much use out of it. Maybe she should be writing this post because she’s a good gift giver. Especially considering more than one thing she’s gifted me made this list.

Back to the bag, it goes on the boat and to the beach with us and I use it to carry groceries to and from the car. The bag comes on vacation with is. It is AMAZING.

These bags are durable, easily wipe clean (or hose them off). Choose the size that’s right for you and take it a step further to pick the perfect pattern.


Kitchen Tea Towels. Amazon.

Another gift that’s not meant to be patronizing to the domestic mom, is the kitchen towel. In reality, at least in our household, I can never have enough kitchen towels.

Used to clean up spills, dirty hand, floors and dry dishes, we are constantly running through them. Towels pile up so quickly I can’t do laundry quickly enough. So it’s great to have extras on hand.

What makes these even better is the absorbency, because if the towel isn’t soft and doesn’t hold a lot of water, it’s not really doing a great job. But these kitchen towels come in with hundreds of 5 start reviews on Amazon.


Want more tired and true ideas? Use this gift guide (Ultimate Gift Guide Under $50) to get in those last minute Amazon orders.

Lastly, I’m going to post an assortment of my favorite amazon finds without all of the discussion for this 2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. These will be for your browsing pleasure, but not specifically on the gift guide of things I’ve tried. Because we all like window shopping, right?



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