Freshen Up Your Table with New Summer Outdoor Dinnerware

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Must Have outdoor dinnerware sets and plates to make your patio table sparkle like 4th of July fireworks.


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Summer is here & so are these fun outdoor dinnerware sets and plates to make your table sparkle like 4th of July fireworks.

Our favorite summer tradition (other than our newly found hobby, sailing) is having friends or family over for dinner on the patio where we enjoy the fresh corn and zucchini from our garden, along with pasta salad and burgers or grilled chicken on the barbie.

Last summer we didn’t entertain as much as usual. Between the stay in place order and my son being hospitalized for immune issues right at the onset of summer, we kept close to home.

Then in November, we made a whirlwind of a move. While we didn’t have this longstanding plan to move, when we found the perfect house, we jumped (read about it here).

By early spring, many families were still working or schooling from home which meant redecorating houses went through the roof. Because everyone has been home for so long, you find what works and what doesn’t.

You crave sun and fresh air. Patio dining tables were selling out faster than they could be manufactured, then they were waiting in port on ships.

Furthermore, even if they made it off the ship, there aren’t enough workers to get them to the warehouse and truck them to your home.

It has been the craziest furnishing season of my lifetime. Lead times (for items to be produced or in stock) have been longer than ever at 6-9 months, and shipping times are months and months as well.

If you were lucky enough to receive your new outdoor furniture, you must be reveling in your outdoor space. I’m so happy you were able to pull it all together!

And if like me, you are still waiting on that perfect patio dining set or outdoor sofa, hang in there.

Regardless of your patio situation, we could all stand to freshen up our outdoor dinnerware collections with these melamine plates, glass drinkware and serving platters and pitchers.

Summertime Outdoor Entertaining Emoji Instagram Story

Summer Dinnerware Melamine Plates

Summertime is here. We are healthy and outdoor entertaining is back in style.

Now it’s time to freshen up your patio dining table with these outdoor dinnerware sets and singles.

Outdoor Glassware

Who knew choosing drinking glasses could be so hard?

Yesterday a glass broke in the dishwasher.

The week before that a glass broke in the sink.

And before that, the dog knocked one off of the kitchen counter while trying to drink out of it.

Needless to say, we are down to 6 drinking glasses, which inevitably get carted to other rooms by the kids, or they use 10 different cups in a day and we are left with an empty cabinet on a regular basis.

So, it’s time for me to order new drinkware and I’ve rounded up my favorite styles. I am picky when it comes to drinking glasses.

I like usually like a very thin rim and not a clunky glass. However, I do love a chunky bottom with bubbles or a unique design.

Note- most these aren’t melamine, most of them are glass.

Best Outdoor Dinnerware 2021

Favorite Dinnerware Shops:

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