5 Items to Make the Perfect COLORFUL Tablescape

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5 Items to Make the Perfect COLORFUL Tablescape

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your next party, then a colorful tablescape is the way to go!

Here are five items that will help you create the perfect table setting. Whether you’re serving a festive feast or just drinks and appetizers, these items will help make your table look great. So get creative and have some fun with your next gathering!


The best place to start is with your layered plates. I love these fun options from Ballard Designs!


Anthropologie has the best table runners and flatware. The colorful blues make any occasion festive.


I have this iridescent drinkware and it is hands down my favorite entertaining item.! I really love the blue ditzy floral glasses as well. They are on my must have list.


This wicker vase from Target is THE BEST! I fill it with peonies and put it on the dining room table. The trick is to place a plastic cup down inside the vase to hold the water and stems.


Candlesticks complete the tablescape for any dinner party. Don’t forget to burn your wicks so they aren’t white!


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