What’s in My Cart

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What’s in My Cart

Christmas is right around the corner & it’s time to put in those last minute orders. This year I am focusing on giving gifts that are: useful, products I already love and want to share, or consumable.

Big sales are going on now! These are all of my must-have favorite products currently in my cart ready for the gifting:

1. MADEWELL Tall High Rise Skinny Jeans

The only pair of jeans I own. Seriously, I decided 2 years ago to splurge on one really nice piece of denim. I kept hearing great things about Madewell jeans and I no longer fit into any of my usual $39 low rise Banana Republic outlet jeans.

Slightly frustrated with my size and mom build, I trudged into Madewell to try on the only pair of tall & high rise jeans they had in stock that didn’t have a ripped hem.

And much to my surprise these jeans felt amazing. They have a 10″ rise which hides and holds in everything. Plus there is stretch to them so they don’t feel overwhelmingly tight. They hug your waist and backside and look amazing.

The dark wash has held up beautifully. So much so that I saved up for another pair that I bought a year later. As it stands, I currently only wear my two identical Madewell high rise jeans in a Tall 31.

2. J Crew Sweater

Much like the Madewell jeans splurge, I think everyone should treat themselves or a special friend to a once in a lifetime cashmere sweater. The softness and luxurious feel is worth its weight in gold. And it’s sooo nice to feel spoiled once in a while.

The trend here for us this year is that we want to spend more on fewer quality items. I want to love the things I own and take care of them. I have realized I would rather have one great pair of jeans and one amazing sweater than spend $30 on the same things over and over that wear out.

That’s not to say I don’t have a few $30 favs, because I do, but it’s also nice to save up and really enjoy that ONE special item of clothing. You treasure it, it means more and you love it deeper.

And this pink cashmere sweater is no exception.

3. Faux Leather Leggings

Perfect for winter. I gifted these guys to my best friend last summer and they are unbelievable. We now have these matching faux leather leggings which are so soft. They are referred to as our “hot pants”. Not only do they look amazing, but they are warm.

So pick them for a cold day, throw on some boots and a parka and enjoy the outdoors! Perfect for holiday photos or a New Years party.

4. YSL Beauty Lipstick

I will never buy another lipstick again. Sounds dramatic right? But after purchasing a pair or YSL lipsticks during the Nordstrom Sale at the beginning of this fall I fell in love.

These lipsticks are soft and go on as smooth as butter. Not to mention the taste they leave on your lips. It sounds strange, but there is a distinct smell and taste that is slightly sweet, and not in a bad way.

The quality is unmatched. I have to admit, I didn’t think there would be a difference between my favorite MAC or NYC lipstick and the YSL lipstick. But the difference is so stark that I can’t go back.

And I’m certainly no fashion blogger. I hardly wear makeup, but I keep the YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick in my purse at all times.

YSL Trio

YSL in Nude Sheer

5. Anthropologie Tea Towels

Dish towels are another of my favorite things to gift because of their usefulness. You can change them out seasonally. They are great for cleaning and wiping up kids spills, but also look cute alongside any kitchen decor.

I love that these really speak to the personality of the owner: Rifle Paper Co Tea Towel or For the Plant lover.


Alright, these are the five things that are currently in my shopping cart. All of them have been vetted by me and I personally love them.

I know they will make great gifts this year for friends and family members, and maybe even a little something for myself, ha! I’ve rounded up all of the links for you and added the products to the list below for your convenience (affiliate links included!). Happy Shopping!


Currently In My Cart! Christmas 2020 Wishlist

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