18 Affordable Baskets and Crates for Home Decor

Favorite Jonathan Alder lacquered tray is perfect for coffee table styling Bone inlay boxes make great a catch all in living rooms to hide tv remotes and stash coastersTraditional woven rope baskets are a great addition for toy storage or extra blanket storage in a living room. See 17 more of the best baskets and crates for home decor.


Basket and crates are making a huge comeback, from practical storage to a decorative accent, these pieces are an inexpensive way to add your own personality to a space in your home. I’ve rounded up 18 of my favorite affordable baskets and crates to fit any style and size.


The larger woven rope baskets make great toy storage. I have a few of them around both our living room and playroom to easily catch toys and make for quick cleanup. These are the large and extra large decor pieces that serve multiple functions- laundry basket, toy basket, extra blankets and pillow, a place to hide everything in the living room when an unexpected guest pops in. Check. Coming in around $25 they are an affordable buy and fit with any style.


Up next, on my list of all time favorite decor pieces (next to anything leopard print) is decorative boxes! I cannot get enough of them. Boxes are perfect for storing jewelry in a bedroom, tv remotes or coasters in the living room and adding color to a bookshelf.  A bone inlay box is the perfect minimal touch for any space.

Using boxes is a great way to add color to a room. If you’re a neutral lover and scared to add color to your walls, windows or upholstery, adding in touches of your favorite color with a decorative box on the coffee table, bookshelf or nightstand is an ideal way to incorporate color and give your space a little extra dimension and life.


Metal baskets are trending in farmhouse and rustic decor. I’ve rounded up a few square and round baskets perfect for blanket storage or magazines. In my home, I use a shallow, rectangular metal basket to catch mail that comes in until I have time to sort and file it away. Catching clutter in a basket is a good way to collect everything in one place without allowing it to overtake the area (because let’s be honest- that’s easy to do).

Another great use for large, shallow metal baskets is pantry storage. The hold jars and dry good well and give the pantry a decorative touch.


Lastly, but certainly not least, are colorful, Fair trade woven Uganda baskets. These guys are making a HUGE appearance right now. They can be seen in home decor magazines and viral photos on Pinterest and I can see why. While they provide livable wages for the women making them in their home countries, they are beautifully handcrafted pieces that can be used to catch keys and trinkets, or hung on a wall as art. These Uganda baskets are truly exception works of art and hold a dear place in my heart and home.

Roundup of Baskets and Crates for home decor for the modern farmhouse or traditional home. See the best wire baskets, woven baskets, and Uganda baskets.

On that note, you can find the links to each item below. Choose a few to add a decorative touch to your home. Happy shopping!

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Roundup of Baskets and Crates for home decor for the modern farmhouse or traditional home. See the best wire baskets, woven baskets, and Uganda baskets.