The Best Wallpaper of 2021 Roundup in Every Color

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By now you know I love wallpaper and I am always on the hunt for the best wallpaper around. I favor designer wallpaper for it’s quality and ease of installation.



And as a color lover in decorating, using wallpaper is the perfect way to add color and pattern to any space. I’ve taken some time to round up some of my favorite wallpaper prints of 2020, by color.

Why Wallpaper?

Isn’t wallpaper old and outdate? No way! This ain’t your granny’s wallpaper! Whether you choose designer a classic pattern or something new and fresh, designer wallpaper can be sourced to look the part for any modern day room.

You may be having flashbacks to 80’s wallpaper, or a floral kitchen border, or the thought of the painstaking process of stripping wallpaper. Luckily, there are wallpapers now that are stylish, easier to remove, and really well design to make any room look amazing.

So push that fear of wallpaper away and check out this roundup of gorgeous wallpapers!

Where to Use Wallpaper?

While the simple answer of where to use your favorite wallpaper is anywhere, there are rooms better suited.

Powder rooms are a great place to start. You can add a pop of color to the small space. Because it’s small, it’s less expensive. Additionally, you can go bold in a powder room because you don’t spend a lot of time in it.

You can wow your guests or create a peaceful retreat that won’t overwhelm you looking at it for long periods of time.

Along the same lines, a dining room is a great place to add color or pattern with wallpaper. You’ll be eating meals and entertaining friends here, so a little wow factor goes great in the dining room.

This is another room where you don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or getting bored of it too quickly because the time you spend in the dining room is limited to meals and entertaining (or the occasional working at the table).

My next suggestion for wallpapering a room would be an office or playroom that reflects your style or fun. And from there, choose a subtle pattern for bedrooms to make them restful and not overwhelming.

And my last favorite place to wallpaper is the laundry room! Doing laundry is a chore in itself, so why not freshen up the room and make it a beautiful space you enjoy. An enjoyable laundry room certainly makes the task easier.

WALLPAPER IN Kitchens & Baths

Kitchens and living rooms aren’t at the top of my list for DIY wallpaper jobs. Here’s why. Kitchens are greasy. You cook in them and they take a lot of wear and tear.

Quality wallpaper costs hundreds of dollars a roll and for something durable enough to last, it’s going to be expensive. You don’t want to have a cooking disaster that ruins the expensive wallpaper.


As for living rooms, I’m not against wallpapering these spaces. However, make sure you are committed to the pattern and that you choose an intensity you can look at all the time that brings calm and enjoyment. Going too wild in a living room may take the relax factor out of the space you need it in the most.


While you can wallpaper any room, be careful of wallpapering full bathrooms because of steam and regular moisture. It can be done, but consult a professional on the best paper to use, proper ventilation, and the best wallpaper hanging materials.

Best Wallpaper of 2021 Roundup

Are you ready to see the best wallpaper 2020 has to offer. I know you will find something you love, whether it’s a bold grasscloth, a wild animal print, or a subtle pattern in this roundup. My hope is that it will inspire you to add a little life to your home with wallpaper.

Black Wallpaper

Schumacher CHIANG MAI DRAGON. Black, pink, green and blue. I love this dragon and floral wallpaper. It’s bright colors scream art deco meets chinoiserie.

Another Schumacher print, FLORAISON, boasts florals and butterflies on a modern vertical vine.

Black and pink floral Schumacher wallpaper in 2020

This dark gray Schumacher CHENONCEAU, has a traditional damask repeating pattern made up of modern peacock and florals. It works well with an off white or warm white trim. It also comes in a variety of other colors.

I’m including the classic black (and gold and champagne) Schumacher QUEEN OF SPAIN under the black wallpaper category. WOW! The gold and champagne metallics in this wallpaper are amazing. You’ll be surprised to know that this wallpaper has been around since 1963, but looks modern and fresh. It’s truly timeless.

Blue Wallpaper

Cole and Sons ACQUARIO is an iconic fish wallpaper.

This infamous blue Schumacher PYNE HOLLYHOCK looks amazing with blue painted trim.

Next, the Schumacher OCTAVIA SISAL is a great geometric and greek key wallpaper. Shown below in a bathroom.

Schumacher IMPERIAL TRELLIS is another Hollywood Regency iconic wallpaper. One of the most recognizable patterns, also available in fabric and multiple color ways.

ICONIC LEOPARD by Schumacher. You didn’t think I could make it through a roundup of Wallpaper without including leopard did you. While it may not be everyones taste, if you like to walk on the wild side, this is that wallpaper for you.

Pink Wallpaper

First up in the Pink Best Wallpaper of 2020 category the is Anthropologie Wildflower Study Wallpaper.

Up now is Thibaut SUNBURST. I love the bright pink and repeating interconnected pattern.

Next is the WATERFORD FLORAL bu Thibaut which checks both the pink, orange and green boxes.

BARRIER is a coral inspired  wallpaper from Thibuat.

MOLOKINI is another beachy, coral wallpaper from Thibaut.

Divine Savages CRANE FONDA ranks in my top 10 favorite wallpapers of 2020. It’s quirky and unique.

Orange Wallpaper

Orange and pink wallpaper Schumacher KATSUGI.

Pink and Orange Schumacher KATSUGI Wallpaper

The JELLY FISH BLOOM by Thibaut is one of the most exciting orange color ways available. It’s fun and bold.

Another orange wallpaper comes from Anthropologie: Farrow & Ball Lotus Wallpaper

Red Wallpaper

HONSHU is a traditional looking chinoiserie floral in a striking blue and red.

SHOJI PANEL is another Thibaut asian inspired bamboo geometric.

MING TRAIL by Thibaut is available in multiple colors as well as fabrics.

GILON wallpaper by Thibaut in Raspberry is geometric.

CARLOTTA by Thibaut.

Green Wallpaper


Here’s a favorite green and blue Thibaut MEDALLION PAISLEY.

I can’t exclude the Thibaut CYRUS CANE wallpaper from the best of 2020 list. I have it in my dining room in this featured Emerald green color. It cannot express with words how it looks on the wall. It is simply a phenomenal pop of color. 

Thibaut OPEN SPACES easily ranks up in the top 5 blue and green best wallpapers of 2020.

Cole and Sons SAVUTI is a jungle creature themed paper that will make any wall pop.

Cole and Sons Savuti Wallpaper in the 2020 Best Wallpaper Roundup


Yellow Wallpaper

Anthropologie Winter Cranes

CABRERA by Thibuat is a pale yellow floral design.

SOLIS is a centric yellow wallpaper from Thibaut.

ALEXA Thibaut, a beautiful yellow and gray floral wallpaper.

Purple Wallpaper

MING TRAIL by Thibaut is a geometric wallpaper that adds a pop of color to any wall.

ALDORA by Thibaut is the perfect wallpaper for any little girl’s room complete with butterflies.

Anna French DAVIS DOT. Anna Davis is a line with Thibaut and this subtle purple dot pattern is perfect for those scared of a bold look. It’s just enough to add texture to the room.

See how I wallpapered behind bathroom shelves to add color to the space {Navy & Gold Bathroom Reveal}

What did you think of these amazing wallpaper choices? Did you find anything you like? I hope you found something that makes you go WOW and inspires you to add wallpaper to your own home.

How to Wallpaper

I’m not going to go into a step by step process of wallpapering today, but I do want to make a few notes on wallpapering.

A lot of posts are DIY projects. When it comes to wallpaper, it is doable as a DIY project, but there are a few things to consider.

For example, I wallpapered our dining room myself. I chose a designer wallpaper because I knew the quality could withstand a little trial and error tugging and pulling.

But, trial and error can be detrimental price wise, so be careful. In terms of my dining room, it was also a simple room. There is one large window to make cuts around and the entry points have openings not casing, so there was no point at which I had to choose a non matching corner for the pattern to begin and end. This made wallpapering the room enormously easier.

I considered wallpapering a powder room, but I would need to have the toilet removed. The pattern would also need the least noticeable place to not line up.

And with such a small room, it would be difficult to move and spread out, much less fit two people in the room to help hold and hang the panels. For this and the laundry room, due to size and configuration, I would hire it out to a professional.


I won’t make the choice for you about wallpapering yourself, but I’m glad we had a candid conversation about skill level and whether watching a YouTube video is enough. (It was for my dining room, but not the laundry).

My best advice is to opt for quality wallpaper. And if you are a DIY guru, try it in an easy room or hallway. If you’re a novice or can’t stomach the cost of messing up, save up to hire a professional. You will not regret it. Happy wallpapering!


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