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Are you ready to create a sophisticated, work from home masculine home office for yourself or your spouse? Use these elements to achieve look.


Still working from home? Or working from home some of the time? For me it’s nights and weekends at home while I may be in the office or traveling during the week.

Use these 25 design tips to create the masculine home office of your dreams from your spare bedroom down the hall.


While most of these examples are created by designers and they are staged for photography, aka the computers are put away, I understand you have to work in your office. So, here are my tops tips:

  • keep the clutter to a minimum
  • paint will make a huge difference
  • paint the trim the same as walls
  • choose great statement lighting and task lighting
  • go BIG with art
  • pattern on the carpet brings in a masculine feel
  • blues, greens, and blacks complement wood wonderfully
  • use cord keepers and floor outlets to handle lamp and computer cords


1 . Paint the walls and bookcases a deep semi gloss blue and use light accents for the rug and seating.

This will make the room feel enveloped by color, but calm because it’s only one big player and all of the other elements are neutral.

https://pin.it/5PWlkwn via Kate Marker Interiors


2. Use a faux grasscloth wallpaper like this one (amazon link) to give the walls a textured masculine look. Add in brown furniture and a large patterned rug to complete the space.

Don’t forget to add window treatments- faux roman shades are a great custom alternative with a much lower price tag, but a luxe look.

https://pin.it/447434I D2 Interieurs


3. If your look is sophisticated and you like a little extra luxury in your life, paint those bookcases a shiny high gloss black, add an open legged desk, big artwork and a pair of 35″ gold desk lamps.

For the rug and chair, go for a crisp white. Paint the walls white as well.

https://pin.it/5RYXcSb via Restoration Hardware


4. Are you into the rustic look? Have pipe shelving like this (link) delivered overnight, thanks Amazon. You can add a leather chair and get to work the next day.

Don’t forget to add a live plant and stock the shelves by rounding up all of your books laying around the house.

https://pin.it/155D0Fr via Etsy


5. Nothing says masculine home office more that a deep green room with natural wooden elements and a great art collection. A few of my favorite green paint colors are: Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines and Hunt Club.

As for the artwork, hang your children’s latest drawing on a pinboard above the desk.

https://pin.it/27DLo58 desk via Lulu & Georgia


6. Again, in this masculine home office, black walls are the key. All of the other pieces of the room are a warm white, but the dark moody wall really makes it feel luxurious. Don’t discount amazing natural light either.



7. Dark bookshelves are a dream in this masculine office setup. To achieve this look for less, IKEA has Billy bookcases in black that you can install floor to ceiling to hold all of your man’s books, files, and supplies.

The glass door add ons make it look expensive, but come in at a much lower price point than you’d think.



8. A fireplace in the office? Yes! If you’ve found yourself working from home permanently, it may be worth using your main living area as an office.

These blue gray hues on the walls paired with the sable/cognac leather chairs in front of the fireplace make for a regal office setup.



9. If white walls is your forte, adding great oversized art can elevate your space.

Choose are that meets one of your interests like these whiskey bottle images, paired with a bar cart below and simple black office furniture. (I get requests for these artworks all of the time, here they are.)

Add warmth to the space with a supple, brown leather chair.



10. We’ve already noted before that a moody color of paint on all of the walls, cabinets and ceiling can make a bland space feel and look amazing. But add in the perfect chandelier with glass bulbs & oversized art on the walls for perfection.



11. Are you seeing a pattern with boldly colored green, black and blue spaces. Paint makes the largest impact, especially when it is applied to the walls and the built ins (or even bookcases the same color).

The color palette is kept to green, black and gold, which makes each element stand out on its own. They work together to create a cohesive space.

So if you are going to paint, go bold, and keep things to a simple color scheme!



12. Have you heard of the mid century modern Eames chair? If you haven’t heard of this Herman Miller classic lounge chair, you’ve probably seen it everywhere. It retails for around $4,600, but luckily there are great dupes out on the market.

And I have to say that the Amazon dupes (affiliate link) are just as comfortable as the real thing, have great style and come in at a fraction of the price. So head over to Amazon and order an Eames look a like for your masculine office as both a functional and comfortable piece for your new work from home office.



13. If you like a lighter, brighter more contemporary feel for your masculine office, choose a lighter paint color like a color from Farrow & Ball.

Add a great chandelier and simple curtains for a simple scheme. To handle the practical aspects of keeping a home office organized, opt for closed storage on bookcases and a desk with a drawer for storage.



14. Whether you go light or dark with the paint, you’ll still need a storage system for loose papers and supplies. Wire baskets are a great way to corral the mess while still maintaining a decorative look.



15. The key to any bespoke, custom look is the built in. So whether you choose to add trim around your IKEA bookcases or opt for a custom desk & file cabinets, built-ins elevate the room.



16. Board and Batten trim refers to the square paneling on the wall shown below. In addition to the dark paint encasing the walls and ceiling, the board and batten mill work ads another layer of interest. You can easily DIY board and batten trim with pine boards, a level and a circular saw.

Dark green Board and Batten trim make this masculine office a dream.


17. Black and white play well together and this glossy black trim paired with a white ceiling and walls is no exception. Add in metallic lighting and a desk with leather for texture and your home office will be a respite.



18. Studio McGee and Co. is one of the top design firms on my list for a great use of color in office spaces. They can achieve a masculine look in almost any room by painting the bookcases a bold color.

You can replicate the look with paint as well.

Studio McGee built ins in a masculine home office


19. Are you feeling overwhelmed by this list? Are you unsure that you can actually implement any of these changes to your spare bedroom to make a home office?

Here’s an example of a simple room with a great light fixture and a mid tone green paint. The key is to paint the trim the same color as the walls for an enveloped look. Add an animal hide rug and a simple rood desk to complete the look.



20. If you thought custom furniture and a massive remodel was the only way to achieve a masculine home office look for your work from home situation, I can prove you wrong with this inspiration.

The white IKEA desk with drawers and a wood counter is an inexpensive way to add a semi-custom desk to your office. With an added can of paint and a new light fixture, your spare bedroom will be a magazine ready office.

Don’t forget the leather chair for some warmth and comfort.



21. Built ins still rank at the top of my list for making a space look custom and taking it from blah to brilliant. But add color to your cabinetry or bookcases and you’ve added yet another level to your home office.

green built ins https://pin.it/5gJqpkg

Home office with green built in bookcases and a window seat.


22. No home office is complete without the executive desk which features file drawers on both sides and natural wood or wood veneer for a solid feel. This is the work horse and staple of any masculine home office.

No home office is complete without the Executive Desk.


23. If you prefer to DIY your home office, adding a bench top to 2 file cabinets is the best way to ensure you have enough storage and a desk that works for your needs.

Don’t forget to fill the walls above with large, personal art.



24. Blue lacquer built ins will make any home office better than all the rest.  There’s something about that shiny paint and great natural light bouncing off of the cabinets that says classic.

Don’t forget to add art and books to complete the look.



25. No masculine office is complete without a cow hide rug. So thrown down a textured rug that adds a natural, but manly element to your home office.

Hide rugs can be layered over sisal, hardwoods, or even carpet to fit into your existing space seamlessly.

Cow hide rugs rank in my top 25 elements of a masculine home office.


It’s no surprise that most of these rooms have one thing in common (other than computer free desks) and that’s a great paint color to bring the whole room together.

Here are my top picks for masculine paint colors:

Samplize for Men's Office


I ALWAYS recommend testing large swatches of your paint colors before committing to the entire house. It’s an expensive mistake that you don’t want to make, so I recommend using Samplize peel and stick swatches to test out your favorites.

Spending $25 on paint samples is always cheaper that a kitchen full of cabinets you hate and a heartache you can’t afford to fix.

  • Delivered overnight so you can make those pressing decisions in a crunch
  • Crazy accurate color from my favorite paint vendors like BM, SW & Farrow & Ball
  • No painting, no mess, no clean up!
  • Peel and stick (and come off clean)
  • Or don’t peel off the back and use over and over again!

So, don’t forget to test your paint colors!!

The colors you see in other people’s homes won’t look the same in your home. Often times, photos are edited, lightened or color corrected.

Don’t rely solely on photos to make your decision- trust the process and sample the paint.

*Expert Advice*


This post contains affiliate links- meaning when you purchase through the link and I receive a small commission. It feeds my Starbucks addiction & for that I thank you! You can see my full disclosure policy here.

While I recognize the photos above of masculine home offices are professionally designed and most don’t have computers, there are some things we can do to work around computers and cables.

First, cable management is key. Let’s contain those cables and cords with these tools.

Under Desk Cable Organizer | Web Cable Box

Next, another great addition to a home office is a standing desk. Here are two, a very basic standing desk and a more custom desk.

Standing Desk | Executive Standing Desk

Lastly, the best way to hide cords and computers is to actually distract the eye from them by saturating the room with color and adding large scale artwork to the walls.



I’ve sourced a few of my favorite desks for home offices. These check off both boxes for functional and nice looking.

The Ultimate Masculine Office

Have you found yourself working from home either permanently or for an extended time?

Taking a few days to order bookcases and a functional desk, painting the walls and trim and maybe even upgrading the light fixture will give you a space to work that feels like you.

As studies have proven that employees who work from home are more productive, make sure you’re not burning yourself out working at the dining room table with no designated space to yourself.

You need to corral your paperwork and have supplies like earbuds, your laptop, files, and paperclips handy.

You can ensure a smooth WFH environment by implementing the above design tips to create your ideal masculine home office in a weekend.


  1. So my husband has a wall with bookcases and brick fireplace in his office and I would like to paint it all Urbane bronze. Do I paint the whole room in Urbane Bronze or one shade lighter in the swatch and go SW Porpoise which presents not as heavy but maybe too green? And semiglosss for the whole room (walls and trim)? I’ve always been a flat painter but unsure here. Painter comes tomorrow 😬

  2. I agree with you there- and I really like the form, function … er it is fiction! That’s catchy. Most of these office are styled for the photo shoot, so clutter and computers are removed. It can be used to get a sense of the color and art ideas.
    I do recommend built in cabinets with lateral file cabinets in them- they are super functional. Also, cord catchers and mounting a power strip to the back leg of the desk is a good way to contain cords.
    It won’t always look this organized, but with online/paperless file storage and built ins, it can look nice.

  3. The problem with these ideas is that they are not designed for the working man. I don’t see table top computers, no filing cabinets, no printers or scanners. Where do these go if you enjoy your work or make a living on the internet? Form has to match Function; otherwise it is Fiction!

  4. Nice ideas… thanks! I’m a man who works in tech and need to have some small amounts of IT equipment as well as 3 monitors and a laptop like some of the other posts mention. I also present to customers on video and would like not to have a messy background. After just finishing putting in new LVP floors, I am in the process of starting to redesign the rest of my office now. Would love to see more ideas with people in my situation as I know I’m not alone.

  5. Really good stuff and changing my complete perception.
    I have acoustic whitish ceiling tiles and beige paint currently. Any suggestions for the tiles? Going with your green for the walls.

  6. I love all these inspirations – my husband is having his office redone and LOVES the desk in the Contemporary Home Office photo. The desk looks like it has a blue top. If you could share the manufacturer that would be amazing.

  7. For those that need three monitors, (like my husband) there is no hiding all that. Designers are more oriented to the esthetic than the practicality. It needs to look beautiful first and foremost. You can certainly add the monitors or televisions as you see fit but it doesn’t make for beautiful photography.

  8. Do any of these men actually work, or do they just sit at their desk and gaze at the rest of the room?

  9. Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I’m here to collect some ideas for my office. I run a three monitor setup, I don’t see myself using a laptop to edit photos and do trading at the same time.

  10. Well these jobs aren’t’ that very technical if they can just put a laptop away in a drawer. Try having to use 3 monitors and a laptop.

  11. One suggestion: Use the room’s closet for file cabinets, stackable plastic file boxes, bookcases or a combination of these. Add a light above the door if one doesn’t exist, A battery powered LED light is fine if you don’t want to run wires for power.
    I always hang something on the closet walls, like diplomas, plaques, certificates or perhaps a framed cartoon for humor and inspiration. Above all, keep the closet neat for effective use of the additional space.

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