Steele Canvas Rolling Laundry Cart

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Steele Canvas Rolling Laundry Cart

Are you overwhelmed with laundry and need a functional, but great looking design solution? The Steele Canvas rolling laundry cart is your answer.

If you follow along on Instagram (@aprilwaltripinteriors), you know my laundry situation. We just recently moved and I’m busier with work than ever. It doesn’t leave much time or energy for laundry. 

I’m also a once-a-weeker- meaning I do all of the laundry on one day over the weekend. I don’t do a load daily, I can’t keep up. That doesn’t work for our family. But, doing it all on the weekend leaves everyone with clean underwear and a laundry room that looks like a bomb went off.


Part of being an interior designer is solving other families problems. The laundry room is often where we get to have fun with color, pattern and cabinets galore to create a functional space.

It was time to put my skills to use in my own home and tackle the problem. I landed on the 3 Bushel Steele Canvas Laundry Cart. The plan is to dump all dirty laundry in the cart in the laundry room. 

Then the baskets are freed up for clean laundry to be delivered back to each room to be put away. I ordered from LL BEAN because I liked the larger size, the natural canvas color, and the price was competitive. 

My 3 bushel rolling laundry cart arrived 2 days later and with much anticipation, i popped the wheels on and hit the laundry room. I have a few short videos on Instagram about the laundry situation, so head over there to check it out.

In the videos, I cover the why, how much, where I will store it, how to use it and why the Steele laundry cart is the solution. Typically, you can see all of the behind the scenes on Instagram, so if you want the down low and dirty, follow along!

I’ll be giving a full photo tour of the laundry room before and after soon so stay tuned! In the meantime, here are the Steele Laundry Carts to solve your laundry problems too. 



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