Beautiful Vintage Turkish Rugs You Don’t Want to Miss

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Beautiful Vintage Turkish Rugs

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Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for an authentic, beautiful vintage turkish rug for out master bedroom. They style is “trending” right now, and I say trending because it has taken off on Instagram and Pinterest, but has been around as a classic foundation piece for any room in design forever.

In my search for the prefect rug, there were a few places I kept seeing amazing handmade Anatolian rugs. I started on Instagram because there are so many shops that have vintage inventory of the prettiest rugs (learn all about how to shop on Instagram here).

Then I found Boutique Rugs, where I purchased the Dibble area rug, the softest living room rug I’ve ever felt. It had a vintage look, but was made from easily cleanable modern day materials which was important to me because my kids are monsters with chocolate covered handprints.

And lastly, I stalked eBay and saved numerous rugs to my favorites and watch list until I find the perfect rug to fit under the foot of my bed.

On my search for the prefect rug, I stopped into a local rug shop. It has a huge sign out front advertising 60% off Turkish rugs. I guess out of ignorance or naivety, I thought it would be a viable rug source.

But, every single rug was $10,000- $20,000, which at this point in my life just isn’t feasible. I am sure they are quality and handmade, but I can’t have chocolate stains on a $10,000 rug. I could buy a car for that price!

The perfect bedroom rug

So at this point in my vintage Turkish rug journey, I am back to hunting on eBay for the perfect finds. And in the meantime, I will share some of the favorites that I’ve run across and hopefully one will be the missing piece to your room!

Tips for loving your vintage rug

  • Layer a smaller rug over a large (9′ x 12′) sisal
  • Get a great rug pad
  • Look at the photos carefully
  • Read the seller’s reviews & criticisms
  • Turkish rugs make great hallway, kitchen, & bathroom runners
  • These rugs are very thin & often handmade, so don’t expect a plush rug (hence a great rug pad)
  • Scared of color? Go BOLD on the rug and keep everything else neutral!
  • On eBay you can “make an offer” and often get them even lower than list price

No living room is complete without a large room to anchor all of the furniture and design elements. Coming in at 7′ x 10′, a rug like this muted blue vintage anatolian would look gorgeous layered over a larger natural jute rug.  (link)

Blue Vintage Anatolian Rug Turkish Handmade Rug, 10×7

Vintage Pink and Purple Oushak Runner, 8′ x 3′

If pink and purple are your thing, this vintage turkish has sooo much color to offer. Most rugs I find are muted, but this gem has maintained it’s color.(link)

Hallway Runner, 7x 3

I love that this rug is brightly colored and full of coral and aqua elements. It would make an amazing hallway runner or placed in front of a double bathroom vanity. (link)

Runner Vintage Turkish Rug, 3×7

This vintage rug would make a great entry hall or kitchen runner. (link)

Long, Vivid Vintage Runner 11′

It’s hard to choose a favorite rug, but this vibrant pink, fuchsia and orange rug is quickly making it’s way to the top of my list. If I had a hallway long enough for this 11′ foot beauty, I would swoop it up. I can’t get over how well the colors work together.  (link)

Purple Anatolian Turkish Rug, 4′ x 7′

This next vintage turkish is a beauty. While it isn’t understated or neutral by any means, it could really up the style in a living room. (link)

Yellow Striped Runner 2 x 9

While this rug seems totally atypical of what I think of when I see vintage Turkish rug, it’s a perfect match for a white kitchen with a bowl of lemons on the counter or an entryway runner, saying a warm welcome. (link)

Alright, that’s all for today’s Turkish rug roundup, but there are hundreds more on eBay. And it’s a really great way to add that collected over time look to your home. When you pair a vintage rug with new furniture, it helps the room feel as though it’s always been lived in. Unique pieces take away that cold showroom feel.

I encourage you to try it out. And if you aren’t ready to make the leap for a vintage rug, at least stalk a few of these to see what it’s all about. You never know what you’ll fall in love with. Happy Decorating!

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