Top Patio Picks for 2022

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Top Patio Picks for 2022

A patio is the perfect place to entertain family and friends. It’s an extension of your home, and with the right furnishings, it can be a comfortable and inviting space.

Seating is one of the most important elements of patio furniture. There are many different types of patio chairs, from Adirondack chairs to chaises, and each offers a different level of comfort.

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In addition, patio umbrellas can provide shade on hot days, and patio heaters can keep the space warm on cool evenings.

With the right patio furniture, your patio can be a space where you and your guests can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Here are a few of my favorites for this year’s patio entertaining. I’ll also link to my other patio posts for umbrellas and dining!

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