MY Boutique Rugs Dibble Rug Review 2021: Affordable Rugs Pros & Cons From an Interior Designer

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Are you researching the Boutique Rugs Dibble Area rug and want an honest review? Do you want to know what I think of the Dibble area rug? Do you have kids or pets that are messier than a pack of wild animals?

This rug is for you! Keep reading to see how this rug hides all of the unwanted markings your pack of wolves leave behind.

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Thorough Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug Review for a living room rug from an Interior Designer.
Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug


Before you trust what I say, I want to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about why this interior design advice matters.

April Waltrip Interiors in Williamsburg, VA ABOUT ME
Photo of April holding baby in mirror selfie.
Here’s me and Hels smiling in a mirror selfie.

Hey Friend! I’m April, mom of two wild child’s, dogs and chickens.

I love interiors. Hands down, the thing I think about all of the time is decor, furniture and paint. To fuel my obsession and inclination for design, I opened my own firm, April Waltrip Interiors where I help lovely people take their dream for an amazing home to a reality.

Most of my free time is spent flipping through decor magazines and dreaming up my next project. I lean towards colorful, classic decor that can hold up to life with kids.

While not decorating, I am drinking Starbucks while doing accounting work, blogging (here) and shopping for vintage furniture and art.

The room mood board for the family room, including Boutique Rugs area rug in leopard print, green sofa, alice swivel armchairs.
The room mood board for the family room, including Boutique Rugs

Recently, I ordered a new living room rug to replace the consignment find that I loved, but was past it’s prime.

Today I am sharing all about that new Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug in this review.

Rugs, Furnishings & LIFE WITH KIDS

We have been in our house for 8 years (9 this September) and there are still a thousand projects to be done.

Four years ago I bought a large 11 x 13 ivory, textured rug from a consignment store. It was a steal at $150 for such a large rug. It had a large diamond weave pattern that gave it interest, but also a neutral base.

And that made it the perfect fit for our rugless living room. After years of kids bringing food into the room, and spilling coffee, and dirty shoes making past the door despite my efforts, the rug had had enough.

It was no longer ivory. The rug was now muddled and stained. I bought a steam cleaner in an attempt to revive it, but it only made things worse.


Living room rug before buying the Dibble Area Rug from Boutique Rugs
Obviously, here I’ve showed the better looking parts of the old living room rug, but trust me, it has it’s war marks.

I knew the rug had lived a great, inexpensive life and it was time to find a replacement.

Then, I kept seeing Boutique Rugs on Instagram. So, I clicked on the ad and looked around the site a few times.

In my search, I knew I wanted a traditional looking Turkish area rug. But I was torn between a vintage Turkish rug layered on a woven sisal or a replica Turkish that would be easier to maintain.

Spoiler alert: I went with the traditional Turkish looking rug that I can easily clean and don’t have to fear my kids ruining my beautiful rug. 

When I saw one of my Instagram friends post a video of a her Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug and I fell in love. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Based on the photos, I thought it leaned a little too gray, but after seeing it in a room, with natural light and furniture I was sold. It would coordinate with my ivory sofa and green chairs perfectly.

So I went over to the Boutique Rugs website and ordered the Dibble Area Rug in 7″10′ x 10′. And eagerly awaited its arrival.

Boutique Rugs area rug review for the Dibble rug with fringe

My Review: Here Are My Thoughts and Opinions On the Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug

How I came about ordering The Dibble Rug from Boutique Rugs

As you know, I’m an avid Instagram shopper (read all about it here). And I am also a sucker for really good ads.

Also, I really dislike poorly done ads. So when I kept seeing a Boutique Rugs ad, I clicked around.

I don’t tend to impulse buy for my home anymore. Because I used to buy stuff without a plan, I realized what a waste of money that was.

So now, I am armed with a plan, and a master list of things I would like to replace in my home. As well as a list of dimensions of each room and item. Thank you iPhone Notes App where I keep all of this info at my fingertips.

Intentional Purchases

So from there on out, each purchase is really intentional. I generally mull over purchases, add to cart, and think about it for another few weeks.

I was browsing the rugs regularly, and kept seeing more ads. Because once you click an ad, you are likely to be retargeted.

For a while now, I have been marking vintage Turkish rug shops on Etsy. I was considering buying a vintage Turkish to layer over a jute rug for the living room.

Then, I saw another blogging friend post a photo of the actual Dibble rug in a living room and I was SOLD. It was on sale & it looked beautiful via video.

So I added to cart, measured the living room one more time, and bought it as quickly as I could.

The Dibble area rug as part of my Boutique Rugs interior design review

Rug Style

The Dibble Area rug is a traditional style, which fits with most of my house. I like traditional curved furniture legs, some wood, and painted wooden pieces.

But, I also love COLOR. And modern take on traditional blends curves and formal looking pieces with family friendly fabrics and colorful cheer.

As for the Dibble rug, it has a traditional Turkish rug pattern, but in modern material with grays and ivories, which are less traditional than colorful vintage Turkish rugs.


It consists of grays, ivory, and a greenish blue undertone, which pairs well with both off-white, brown, or gray furniture/wall color.

The pictures don’t do it justice. Take a few minutes to look through the customer photos for an accurate view of its true variance in color and pattern.

My Review: Here Are My Thoughts and Opinions On the Boutique Rugs Dibble Area RugRug Pile

This is a medium pile area rug with approximately .25″ pile. It is thicker than a flat woven rug, but not as thick as a shag.

Ideally, this is a great rug pile for longevity. Make sure you add a thick rug pad underneath to get the most out of it.

Tip: You can have a local carpet store cut professional installation rug padding to size and you can pop it under your rug.


The Dibble area rug is 100% Polyester. It is easy to clean and maintain. The fiber construction repels many stains. So the quicker you get to them the better.

Polyester is superior to viscose. Viscose tends to wear out and change texture sooner than a polyester rug.


It is so soft underfoot and makes for a great floor playing area. It has fringe on the short edges that adds an extra element of interest to the rug.

The 7’10 x 10′ is just large enough to house a sofa and two chairs as well as coffee and end tables. The furniture fits fully on the rug, leaving a beautiful border of wood floors around the seating area.

Rug Pad

While the rug doesn’t come with a rug pad, I recommend ordering one. It protects floors, prevents slipping and adds an extra layer of comfort under the rug.

Order the same as the rug size and slightly trim the rug pad to fit under the area.

Tip: You can have a local carpet store cut professional installation rug padding to size and you can pop it under your rug.


Shipping is FREE for the 8×10 area rug. That’s a lot of rug to ship, and if you’ve ever had to pay shipping on furniture you know it’s generally $150+.

So getting free shipping was a huge bonus.

On top of that, I ordered it on the 22nd and it arrived on the 28th, which was fast for such a large delivery!

I can’t say enough great things about this rug! You won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug

I want to recap the highlights of the Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug in this review for you. These are the tops features of the rug, which ultimately led me to purchase the from Boutique Rugs over another.



Did I mention it has FRINGE! I don’t think I mentioned this above, but having fringe on the ends adds a detail that makes this rug above and beyond.

Not only does it look beautiful, but it takes the classiness to another level. I love the fringe!


Having a variety of grays and ivorys really makes this rug fit into any space. Whether you have warm or cool colors throughout your room, this rug is going to work. The undertones and subtle pattern lend well to any decor style and any existing undertones that you can’t change.

Cleaning & Care

  • Easy to clean. This is great if you have small children or pets that make messes!
  • Vacuum regularly to keep debris off of it and keep the fibers fluffed.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Spot clean immediately with carpet cleaner. The good news is they don’t stain easily, but always blot, never rub. (I use white vinegar + water for regular stains or rubbing alcohol for sharpie)
  • Use furniture sliders & slightly move furniture over few months to avoid rug indentations.

Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug Compared with Vintage Turkish Rug

I mentioned earlier in this post that I was considering a vintage turkish rug for our living room, but then I ran across the Dibble area rug.

Let’s talk about the similarities and differences between Boutique Rugs and Vintage Turkish Rugs.


In terms of cost, a vintage area rug was going to run around $300-400 or $800+ for a large wool area rug.

Because vintage Turkish rugs are not standard sizes, I would need to purchase a jute or sisal rug to layer under the Turkish. The larger woven rug would anchor the furniture and the vintage would add color and pattern to the middle of the room.

When compared to the Dibble area rug, I was able to order an 8′ x 10′ area rug for $340.00 when a 60% off sale was running.

It was less expensive to buy the Dibble area rug over the vintage + woven I would need to make the layout work.


Vintage rugs hold up well enough over time, obviously because they are still around. Hands down, wool is the best rug material. However it is expensive and it is not completely stain proof.

Much like polyester, wool repels stains, but eventually it will absorb the color/soil unless you get to it quickly.

In terms of price and longevity, at this stage in life with young kids, I have no problem recommending polyester rugs for people with young kids and pets.

The modern fabric construction that is easy to clean. Kids make messes and having an easy to clean rug makes me feel less anxious about it getting ruined.


Earlier, I discussed the cleaning specifics of the Dibble area rug. A little vinegar and water goes a long way in keeping it clean.

From experience, the first week I had the rug, my 2 year old colored with Sharpie Highlighter on the rug. I panicked a little, but a rubbing alcohol did the trick to get the streaks out.

I’m confident the cleaning and care for this area rug is a good fit for my family.


Taking the size into consideration came into play with the cost of a vintage rug versus the Dibble.

Because vintage rugs are often odd sizes and I knew for our living room I needed at least an 8×10 rug, a Turkish rug would actually require two rugs to cover the space. I would need to purchase a woven rug as the base and layer the Turkish rug. In terms of cost, it was less expensive to buy the larger Dibble area rug.

Exact color

When you buy a vintage rug, you can never be 100% sure of the color. The photos can be pretty close, but in reality, you won’t know what it looks like until you get it. You are also limited to what already exists.

They are vintage and aren’t make to order. Often you will find the vintage rugs in beige, pinks, greens, reds, but don’t have control over what comes on the resale market.

The same can be said for any online order, but after seeing photos of the Dibble rug in people’s homes, I felt like I had a pretty good understanding of the color.

Plus, ordering manufactured rugs, you are likely to find any color you want to fit your taste. Turns out I was right to order the Dibble.

The turkish is still on my list for a runner or entry rug, with less pressure to buy now.

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Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug PROS & CONS

Boutique Rugs Pros

  • Color works well with almost any decor- warm, cool, ivory, browns, gray, green and blue
  • Size is perfect for a seating area of sofa and two chairs
  • It is SO soft. The word soft doesn’t even describe how amazing it feels.
  • Fringe on the edges adds a touch of femininity and interest
  • It looks more expensive than it is

Boutique Rugs Cons

I didn’t find anything that I didn’t love about this rug, but in a perfect world here are a few things I would add:

  • It doesn’t include a rug pad, so you’ll need to order that separately.
  • The price point without a sale may be cost prohibitive for a large 9 x 12
  • The website photo of the rug doesn’t do it justice. It definitely has a gray undertone as pictured and it reads slightly warm. Which in my case, was what I actually needed, so it worked in my favor.
  • Wool is clearly the winning material for long term durability. I always recommend wool as an investment. But Polyester is a great alternative.


The proof is in the pudding, y’all. If you weren’t convinced that it is a beautiful rug, you have to be now. I get compliments every time someone walks into my home.

Then once we move into the room and sit down, my guests are blown away at how incredibly soft this rug is under foot.

Here are some photos of the Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug rug in my home, in use, because sometimes online website photos don’t do it justice.

Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug: What a Bargain, Here’s How I Got Mine for Only $300

Boutique Rugs is an online retailer. Because they only have to have warehouse space and not retail stores, they can offer rugs at a lower price point than other stores. This works to your advantage!

I have watched regularly, and every few months they rug really good sales that are anywhere from 40-60% off a purchase.

When I ordered the Dibble 8′ x 10′ rug it retailed for $810.00, but with a 60% discount code, it was $324.00 with free shipping. What a great deal!

If you are in the market for a rug, I suggest signing up for the Boutique Rugs email list and waiting for a sale. Chances are, you will be able to get a hefty discount within a few weeks of starting your search.

If you aren’t in a huge rush, I am always a fan of making a wish list and waiting until you find the best deal.

Conclusion: interior designer recommends the Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug

Overall, I am blown away by the Dibble Area Rug every time I walk past my living room. It takes a drab room to another level, bringing all of the furniture together for a finished look that highlights my green velvet chairs and wood floors.

Especially if you are just beginning to select the pieces for your living room, this rug is for you. It is a great foundational piece that works well with anything.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, get yours here.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of the Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug. I hope I answered all of your questions, but if you have any, please drop them in the comments. I’ll answer them as soon as I can.


Is the Dibble back ordered? If you can’t get it in right now in the size you need, I have sourced these beauties. You’re going to love them and I know one of them will be perfect for your home.





Boutique Rugs Dibble Area Rug Review: Everything you need to know about Boutique Rugs

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