One Room Challenge Update: Entryway Makeover Week 5 -

One Room Challenge Update: Entryway Makeover Week 5

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A reminder of the inspiration mood board:


Currently, here’s the running to do list to make this bland entryway spectacular and show stopping.

  • Paint walls white
  • paint trim
  • remove doorbell box, cap wires
  • drywall over old doorbell hole
  • install wallpaper
  • re-paint front door
  • replace weather stripping
  • paint black and white checkerboard floor
  • purchase & assemble entry table
  • order mirror
  • install mirror
  • create shoe storage solution
  • create drop zone for keys
  • source artwork
  • install new door hardware
  • find entry rug
  • style the table


Did you miss weeks 3 & 4 of the updates? So did I. Unfortunately, sometimes life takes hold of projects and you have to put a pause on things.

In week 3, our son started having fevers that persisted for days without explanation. That led us to the doctor’s office and lab work, which ultimately landed us in the hospital for nearly a week. After a lymph node biopsy and bone marrow biopsy, we haven’t any definitive answers, but we’ve ruled out a lot of critical illnesses. We were released and home to round out week 3.

Then in week 4, after a seemingly well check up and behavior rebounding normally, we were sent back after labs came back concerning. All in all, after another few day stay at the Hospital Rivera, we’re home and waiting on more results.

He’s been a champ, we’re all emotionally and physically exhausted and our house projects are understandably on hold. We’ve focused on health and spending time together.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to our cousin & daughter who dropped everything to watch the littlest one for days on end, cleaned my entire house, did our laundry (loads and loads) and were on call at all hours to help us out without question. Family can be truly amazing. I thank them and love them dearly.

Will we make it to week 8? Certainly! While we wait, and have temporarily ruled out anything super serious, it will give us time to be together. And when we are together, I usually put us to work painting things, rearranging and making home beautiful.

So, stay tuned because it’s not over yet.


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