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Glass Pebble Magnet Tutorial from

Glass Pebble Magnet Tutorial – Craft Fair Special

The most common question I get asked at a craft fair is how to make my adorable Glass Pebble Magnets. It’s the most searched post on my blog over at and I understand why.
It is especially relevant for those of you vending craft fairs. These magnets sell great and are quick and easy to make in large quantities. Again, they sell GREAT! Priced at a dollar a piece, you are bound to sell out at each event!

The cost of producing them is relatively inexpensive and the time required to make them is nominal. It’s the perfect balance of time, money and return on investment for a craft fair item for anyone- a beginner or seasoned vendor, because they appeal to a large market and you can churn them out quickly. Also, because they are not expensive for purchasers (I price them at $1), all shoppers will be likely to buy them- young girls for their classmates or best friends, moms, and grandmas. These glass pebble magnets are the perfect edition to your craft fair inventory or to your refrigerator.

Let’s get started.

Glass Pebble Magnet Tutorial from

Get the supplies here: 


1.  Punch 1” circles out of your favorite Designer Series Patterned Paper. I use exclusively Stampin’ Up! products because the quality stands the test of time (years).

glass pebble magnets @

2.  Put a small dot of Diamond Glaze on the paper and firmly press the glass pebble on top. (I was surprised at how little you need for it to spread out and cover the entire circle.) crystal effects
glass pebble magnets @

3.  Allow Diamond Glaze to dry. I does not take more than a minute- by the time you finish the last one, the first ones should be dry.

4.  Turn over pebbles and hot glue magnets on the back of the pebble. glass pebble magnets @

5.  Enjoy the finished magnets!! 

Glass Pebble Magnet tutorial from


And, here is a bonus photo tutorial recap for you for easy reference. Glass Pebble Magnet Tutorial from

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and simple to follow. I really enjoy making these magnets and I know you will too.

I will leave you with a few tips on pricing as well as storage.
I store the completed magnets on cookie trays as they are magnetic and I can move the magnets around as they sell. The benefit of the trays is that they lay flat for long term storage but you can still prop them upright and the magnets do not fall off while you are selling them. I priced them at $1 for selling at craft fairs.
Here is the cost breakdown:
– Magnets $7 for 50
– Mini glue gun $2
– Glue sticks $2
– Diamond Glaze ($7, but i already had this)
– Stampin’ Up!’s Petal Garden Patterned Paper – $10 for 48 sheets
– Pebbles $2 for 60ish (two bags)

So, that comes to roughly $30 (assuming you didn’t have any of the materials) divided by 50 pieces (# of magnets in pack), equals $0.60 per piece. Sold at a dollar a piece that’s almost double the profit on each magnet sold. And next time you make them, the only materials cost you will have will be the magnets and pebbles, making the profit margin even higher. This is a great product guaranteed to sell out.

Glass Pebble Magenet tutorial by





  1. Nana says:

    Delightful! One of the best tutorials I’ve seen! You included instructions, pictures, material list, cost list and income price breakdown. Plus selling and storing tips. AND your craft is great. I plan to use it with my 8 to 11 year old girls group. Thanks so much.

  2. Susan Crenshaw says:

    These are the cutest magnets ever! Thanks for sharing. There appears to be two sizes of magnets in your picture. The ones I have seen at Dollar Tree seem to be on the small side. Does the 1″ punch work for both?

    • stampinfool says:

      Hi! I use the silicone sheet so that the hot glue doesn’t stick to my hands, paper or table. You can wipe the tip of the glue gun onto the silicone sheet to end the glue strings! It’s really great for working with hot glue.
      Totally, not mandatory, but definitely helpful if you use hot glue a lot!

  3. Nel Ong Velez says:

    I love your glass pebble magnets. Do you have a 2″ circular puncher? And bigger magnets for the 2″ size I want? If yes, may I request you to give me a price list of supplies for my 2″ size? Thank you very much.
    Nel Ong Velez

  4. Wendy Mansfield says:

    Thanks for the tutorial …would you know the equivalent to the crystal effects glue in Australia ?
    I think these magnets are fantastic !

    • stampinfool says:

      Hi Kelly, I sell them for a $1 each magnet. The market is very strong where I live. Sometimes at the end of the day I’ll mark them down if it has been slow, but they tend to go like hot cakes.

  5. Ginny says:

    I have made these using paper and fabric. They are adorable, but I have trouble with the magnets separating from the glass pebble. Is there a specific hot glue to use? What am I doing wrong?

    • stampinfool says:

      Hi Ginny,
      I’m sorry your magnets aren’t sticking. I used regular (probably the cheapest) hot glue sticks I could find from the craft store. I used a mini glue gun and didn’t overdo the glue, just a little blog then squeezed the magnet to it. Hold for a few seconds and pull off any strings. Make sure you do one at a time so that the glue doesn’t harden and work quickly.
      Another tip might be to make sure the magnets are slightly abrasive, if they are really smooth I can see them not bonding as well. You can use a rough nail file to scuff up the magnet back slightly.
      I hope this helps. I have many of these magnets that are 5+ years old that are still going strong. Make sure your hot glue sticks are fresh and not old.
      Hope it works better!

  6. Danielle says:

    I click on the link to the crystal effects and it doesn’t take me to the item.
    I can’t seem to find crystal effects anywhere.

  7. Holly says:

    I put my own frugal spin on this craft and used old magazines. I used E6000 adhesive that is strong and dries clear to glue the paper to glass,and to magnets. Great post!

    • Leah says:

      Great idea about using the magazine! I wonder if there is a way to use pics? Like of kids, grandkids or whatever and those could probably sell for more than $1
      Just curious if anyone has tried this?

      • stampinfool says:

        Thanks for the feedback Leah! You can definitely use photos. You would want to print them on paper a little thicker than copy paper, but not as thick as card stock. You could resize the photo to 1″ square so that it would fit under the pebble.
        Have you seen my tutorial on transferring photos to wood? It is similar to this idea on a larger scale.
        Thanks for stopping by StampinFool!

  8. ras syafiqa says:

    hi…i was from malaysia and i really love ure creative craft and felt like wanna make it…but i really dont know where to buy it here..haha,.its okay…by the way i really enjoyed reading about your crafts…love it :)

  9. Beth Coussou says:

    Hi! I’ve bought the flat marbles @ Dollar Tree and several other places. They all have the little squiggle wormy marks on the underside where the glass is sealed. People buy yours with that showing? It doesn’t look like that shows in your pictures. I have plenty of scrapbook paper just begging to be made into a pretty fridge magnet!

    • stampinfool says:

      Hi Beth, thanks for asking about that. When I use crystal effects it creates a cushion essentially that fills in the uneven pebbles and you cannot tell there are lines anymore. They look smooth and you can see the scrapbook paper clearly. Enjoy making!

  10. Sharon says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for the tutorial I just love these glass magnets. Would 12mm magnet discs be good enough to use with the pebbles? Many thanks Sharon

  11. Shelly says:

    Questions…the silicone craft sheet never came into play in the instructions…what’s it used for? ( I thought I was crafty but I’ve never even heard of this product) 2nd…the crystal effect dab you use to glue the paper to the marble …why this ? Could I just use regular glue ? (Of course one that dries clear to make sure not to give it a cloudy look)

    • stampinfool says:

      Hi Shelly, the silicone sheet is to work with the hot glue. It keeps the glue from sticking to the table or anything else. I lay it down like a little placemat to work on while glueing.
      As for the crystal effects- I think it does make it slightly cloudy when using regular glue or ModPog, but the main reason I use Crystal is because it’s such a strong adhesive. With a heavy magnet and glass bead you don’t want the paper to separate from the glass or tear apart once glued together. I have magnets that have been together for 5+ years with crystal effects.

  12. Sarah says:

    These are adorable! One question though. In your cost breakdown, you didn’t mention the 1″ hole punch. Do you know where to get them and how much they are? Thanks!

      • Becca says:

        These are SOOO Adorable!!
        I bought my punch from Amazon. It’s from ‘ek tools’ it is awesome! It was about $7. GREAT Quality! The thicker paper is a MUST!! Real happy to have found your site!! ?

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