Step by Step Process for a Bathroom Remodel

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Your guide to a successful step-by-step bathroom renovation or remodel. Learn how to create an updated look you’ll love!

Step by Step Process for a Bathroom Remodel

Are you looking for a fresh start and excited to embark on your bathroom remodel? Let’s face it– bathrooms can be one of the most intimidating rooms in our homes to remodel. But with careful planning and the right tools, this project can be both rewarding and achievable.

Here, we will break down each stage of a successful bathroom remodel into simple steps so that you can confidently work through each component and create a beautiful, updated space!

bathroom remodel process step by step guide

Bathroom Remodel STEPS

Before you start planning your remodel, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the steps of the remodel process. The list below is in the general order of how your reno will go, however some steps may be concurrent or vary slightly depending on your contractor’s preference.

  1. Start planning inspiration images for your new bathroom
  2. Make tentative fixture & material selections
  3. Interview contractors & price the job
  4. Hire a GC & sign a detailed contract
  5. Begin ordering materials
  6. GC pull permits
  7. Demo
  8. Structural & Framing
  9. Electrical rough in
  10. Plumbing rough in
  11. Drywall
  12. Waterproofing
  13. Tile/Flooring
  14. Paint
  15. Vanity/Cabinetry installation
  16. Template Countertops
  17. Plumbing installation
  18. Shower Glass
  19. Lighting, Mirrors, Hardware
  20. Final Walkthrough + Punchlist

Now that we’ve been over the list of steps for your bathroom remodel, let’s review why it’s so important to properly plan ahead.

Bathroom Remodel PLANNING

The number one step to a successful bathroom remodel is planning because things go wrong when you don’t plan. Here are important reasons to plan out the materials, fixtures and details:

  • Photos, choosing fixtures and tile ahead of time can give you a more accurate bid or quote from your contractor before signing a contract
  • Make sure materials and fixtures are in stock or can be shipped in time to start the reno
  • Have a few backup options and materials in mind in case a delay happens
  • Before signing a contract, make sure your details are decided so that they can be included in the contract- the selections you make are the selections you are paying for, so include it in the contract so they don’t swap for cheaper materials
  • Signing a DETAILED CONTRACT is a MUST. Make sure it spells out timeline, conduct, who purchases what materials, details of the design, material preferences- wood type, grout color, paint brand etc.
  • Be flexible to a point- contractors are humans too and they make mistakes, have to reschedule & need grace

bathroom DESIGN

There are a thousand tiny details to plan in your bathroom remodel, so I’m going to make a bulleted list of the most important. As you choose materials, those will have their own design decisions that come along with them.

Spelling out each detail before breaking ground is a great way to plan time to resolve anything you forgot or that the contractor needs to research or find a subcontractor for. Along with spelling it out, make sure to include the manufacturer, size, color and SKU for each product.

As far as the design implementation, for the smoothest process with your contractor, include photos with text describing the details you are looking to achieve.

Start gathering design inspo on Pinterest!

Next, head over to Ferguson/Build because they have categories that cover a lot of the decisions you’ll need to make, plus you can check availability.

Let’s jump into our bathroom design detail decisions you’ll need to make:

  • recessed lighting style, size and placement
  • wall paint color, sheen, brand and type for each surface- ceiling, trim, walls, vanity, base, doors
  • flooring
  • tile- floor field, walls, shower wall, shower floor, niche
  • grout color and type for each location
  • niches- size, location, design, finish (schluter, mitered)
  • drain- product, size and location
  • shower system- showerheads, controls- location/height, where is it centered
  • shower glass & handle hardware
  • shower glass installation- U channel, clips, framed, frameless
  • toilet
  • paper and towel holders and placement
  • vanity or custom design- wood species, stain or paint color and finish, foot /base detail, door style, cabinet material and box material
  • cabinet hardware and placement, size, finish
  • linen cabinet location, size, paint finish, clearances for doors to open, hardware and placement
  • thresholds- shower and room entry material, height, placement
  • door style and hardware
  • mirrors- location
  • hand towel holders- location
  • sconces beside mirrors- location
  • countertop material- edge, thickness, backsplash, seam location, vein mapping
  • sink and faucets
  • shower towel hooks and location- wall or shower door
  • decorative lighting/chandelier or flushmount- location
  • bathtub- brand, style, drain location, faucet and control location, clearance from walls
  • window location, size and window treatments/shades/privacy film

Favorite Bathroom Product Sources

You have so many selections to make for your bathroom remodel so it’s easy to get fatigued. Sometimes it’s easiest to find images you love and choose products that support that look.

Lastly, if you are struggling to make all of the decisions or need you selections reviewed, reach out to a designer for help! It’s work paying for advice because a bathroom remodel is such an investment you’d hate to mess it up!

bathroom remodel process step by step guide