These are the Best Homeschool Room Desks

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These are the Best Homeschool Room Desks

Get homeschool room desk ideas for the upcoming school year. And start setting up the perfect space for virtual learning or for homeschooling your kids. We know 2020 is going to be different, so get prepared and create a space dedicated to helping your kids succeed in these crazy times.

Over the past few weeks, the most common question I have been getting is for desk recommendations for children. And frankly, they have been selling out quickly or are backordered, sometimes by the time I even make a suggestion.

But, I’ve been checking these sites daily and have a few pieces at every price point that are still in stock. Remember, things are going fast, so if you need a desk or chair for your homeschool room or virtual learning corner, order it now.

The best Homeschool Room Desks that you Can Order OvernightTips for Ordering a Homeschool Room Desk


Always order a homeschool or home office desk with at least one drawer. Because you need a place to corral papers and hold a stapler. It keeps the space clean and uncluttered with a drawer to stash stray things.

Pencil Cup

Second, have a pencil cup on the desk so that you always have something to write with.

Letter Tray

Probably the most important storage piece is the inbox. So, pick up a quality letter tray to hold the thousands of homeschool papers that will accumulate.


Lastly, while most homeschool room desks are going to be narrow, try to make room for a tall table lamp or a floor lamp beside the desk so that you have adequate lighting. Ambient light can have a focused effect to draw you into the space you are working at.

The Best Homeschool Desks Available for Quick Ordering

Now on to the fun part, shopping for a homeschool desk. While I have chosen one color for each of these desks, most of them have an additional color or finish available. So make sure you head over to the website to check them out.

I have chosen mostly children’s desks, with a few writing desk options. If you are planning to use these for personal use (grown ups), go for it! I have checked the dimensions and they are all 30″ standard desk height. But I recommend picking one with the larger leg opening so you can comfortably move around.

Last but not least, don’t delay. As I mentioned earlier, kids desks are selling out like crazy in general. Or they have long waiting periods to deliver.

Alright, go check out these desks. I’ve also included my 3 favorite desk chairs that are in stock. Happy Homeschool Shopping.

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See the Best Homeschool Room Desks Available Right Now!SOURCES

Get Homeschool Room Desk Ideas for the upcoming school year. Set up the perfect space for virtual learning or homeschool for your kids.

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