Sherwin Williams Stardew Paint Color Review – SW 9138

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Sherwin Williams Stardew Paint Color Review with undertones, comparison and photos of rooms with Stardew paint. We’ve even created a few moodboards to get you excited about Stardew.

Sherwin Williams Stardew Paint Color Review – SW 9138

SW Stardew Quick Facts:

  • Manufacturer: Sherwin Williams
  • LRV: 43
  • R:166 G:178 B:181
  • Hex Value: #a6b2b5
  • Color Collections: 2017 Holistic, 2020 Haven, Dreamer, Living Well – Unwind
SW Stardew color review

Coordinating Colors

  • SW Patience
  • SW Coral Clay
  • SW Mountain Air
Stardew (9138): 9"x14.75" Peel-and-Stick Paint sample


Sherwin Williams Stardew is a dusty blue color. It is situated in between to the blue grays and blues (like Rainwashed).

Based on your lighting conditions, especially with great southern exposure, it can pull light blue, much like the Tradewind and Sleepy Blue.

When you step back and take a look at Stardew in comparison to the colors above and below it, you will see that it clearly reads blue, but does lend itself to that gray feel. Look at the color comparisons below.

Stardew SW color review


The light reflective value of Stardew is 43 (from 0 to 100, where zero is absolute black). With an LRV of 43, the color will reflect slightly less light than it will absorb.

Even in a well lit or sun washed room, it won’t reflect back a ton of light, like a whiter paint color such as Pure White or White Flour (LRV of 87).

Here’s where Stardew is on the color picker chart


  • Hue: Blue
  • Value: Light value
  • Saturation: lower intensity (not pure hue)

Sherwin Williams Stardew is a blue paint color that leans blue or blue- gray depending on the lighting.


If you are looking for photos of Stardew paint in actual rooms, here are a few to help you make a decision.

I painted our hallway Stardew right before listing our house for sale.


SW Stardew Moodboards

To further inspire you to try out Sherwin Williams Stardew, here are a few mood boards created around the paint color.

Sherwin Williams Stardew 9138 living room design plan

First is a family room/living room moodboard with Stardew walls, a neutral sofa and light wood tone accent and coffee tables.

The room is completed with a blue striped chair and lighting in coordinating blues and wood tones.

Finish off the space with blue linen and blue velvet throw pillows.

Sherwin Williams Stardew 9138 kitchen design mood board

Next we have a transitional kitchen design featuring Stardew blue cabinetry, darker blue backsplash tile paired with quartz countertops and light oak wood flooring.

The space is completed with warm brass fixtures and lighting while the range hood from Hoodsley echos the brass accents.

Lastly, cognac colored leather counterstools ensure the space has plenty of warmth and doesn’t feel too cold or stark. This marries the countertops with the warm brass finishes.

Sherwin Williams Stardew 9138 bathroom moodboard design plan

Above is a gorgeous primary bathroom design moodboard that features Stardew wall color to compliment the warm wood vanity and marble shower tile.

Unlacquered brass fixtures, faucets and hardware lean traditional, but don’t scream 80’s shiny yellow brass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sherwin Williams Stardew warm or cool?

Stardew is a blue color so it is a cool color on the color wheel. However, because it is a muted color and isn’t as pure as some other blue paint colors, it can have a warm feel- aka a muddier, more muted look that is associated with warm colors.

Is Stardew blue or gray?

Sherwin Williams Stardew is a blue paint color.

What undertones does Stardew have?

SW Stardew is a blue paint color that is muted and desaturated. It moves down towards gray undertones.



I ALWAYS recommend testing large swatches of your paint colors before committing to the entire house. It’s an expensive mistake that you don’t want to make, so I recommend using Samplize peel and stick swatches to test out your favorites.

Spending $25 on paint samples is always cheaper that a kitchen full of cabinets you hate and a heartache you can’t afford to fix.

  • Delivered overnight so you can make those pressing decisions in a crunch
  • Crazy accurate color from my favorite paint vendors like BM, SW & Farrow & Ball
  • No painting, no mess, no clean up!
  • Peel and stick (and come off clean)
  • Or don’t peel off the back and use over and over again!

So, don’t forget to test your paint colors!!

The colors you see in other people’s homes won’t look the same in your home. Often times, photos are edited, lightened or color corrected.

Don’t rely solely on photos to make your decision- trust the process and sample the paint.

*Expert Advice*


Sherwin Williams Stardew is still wildly popular among designers, DIYers and contractors. If these rooms or mood boards have you feeling inspired, I encourage you to try out Sherwin Williams Stardew in your home!

  • Stardew is in the blue paint color family
  • It has an LRV of 43
  • It looks great with Greek Villa & Pure White trim
  • It has a blue gray feel to it that borders on light blue
  • Looks great in bathrooms, powder rooms and bedrooms
  • It’s muted color that isn’t pure (i.e. it’s desaturated)
  • Looks best in rooms with lots of natural light and/or southern exposure
Samplize paint swatches in best blue paint colors