The Best Velvet Curtains on Amazon (affordable & gorgeous)

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Are you looking for inexpensive, but beautiful curtains for your home? These velvet curtains from Amazon check all the boxes.


Grab a pair or two of these gorgeous green velvet curtain panels for your own home (or blue, pink or mustard) from Amazon. These beautiful curtains come in at a shocking $53 for a pair of two panels, which is half the price of most curtain sets.

Additionally, they are made in 95″ and 108″ lengths, which is perfect for 8′ or 9′ foot ceilings. Don’t forget to grab the curtain measurement worksheet and my best tips for hanging curtains here.

All About the Velvet Curtains

  • Ready Made: Package includes one pair of 52″ wide x 95″ long luxury velvet curtain pair.
  • Light Control: With these luxury blackout velvet panels you get 75% sunlight out for bedtime
  • Energy Smart: These thermal insulated curtains will make a budget noticeable difference, lower your heating & cooling cost by preventing sunlight & draft from getting in.
  • Luxury Look: With opulent tones and elegant drape, these sumptuous velvet curtains frame your views in pure luxury.
  • The window panels come in your choice of six rich colors to coordinate with your decor. Hang thru rod pocket or with curtain clips (as shown)
  • Easy Care: Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry. Quick ironing or steam clean as needed.

Enjoy this adorable video I made showcasing the green curtains in my guest bedroom (wait for the dog at the end)!

If you’re on Instagram, you can follow along below and see the video with music, which makes it 100x better. (Plus, look at that cute pup).


Adding curtains to any room adds a soft layer amongst all of the hard surfaces like floors, tables and trim work. It’s an affordable way to bring in color and texture.

It can set the tone of the room- velvet for moody or cozy spaces and linen look for more casual and relaxed rooms.

We’ve bought a lot of curtains in our years owning our interior design firm, and while custom window treatments will always be 10/10 they also come with the price tag of $1,000’s per window. These velvet drapes from Amazon make our cut for affordable, budget friendly alternatives to the real thing.


  • Sold in pairs (2 panels in each pack)
  • Affordable for multiple panels at $53 for a pair
  • Comes in 95″ and 108″ length for 8′ and 9′ ceilings
  • Blackout blocks out light well
  • Ships quickly and well packaged


  • Not available for 10′ ceiling length
  • Made from synthetic materials
  • Wrinkles may take time to fall out
Best Affordable Curtains in Every Color
Green Velvet Curtains in a guest bedroom
green velvet curtains with gold rings and clips

Best Green Velvet Curtains

The winner goes to: Eden Green from Half Priced Drapes.

best Green velvet curatins: Half Priced Drapes Eden

Best Blue Velvet Curtains

These Avalon blue velvet curtains are the perfect shade of blue to complement any room, light or dark blue. We like the saturation better than the navy curtain panels because it is saturated, but not too stark.

Blue velvet curtains


While we’ve covered a lot of info about the basics of these velvet curtains, there are still some common questions I get asked about these curtains frequently.

how to wash velvet curtains

Can you wash velvet curtains? Just as with any fabric, window treatments can become dusty if not cleaned regularly. Use a vacuum with an upholstery tool for best results.

You can wash some velvet curtains on the gentle cycle in cold water. Be sure to hang dry and steam out any creases after reinstalling. If you’re not sure if they have a “W” in the cleaning code (indicating water), then err on the side of caution and take them to a dry cleaner.

how to hang velvet curtains

We love to use rings and clips for velvet draperies. It gives them a finished look matched to their gorgeous texture. Start by clipping 7-10 rings onto each drapery panel, then feed the rings onto the drapery rod. Slide the rod into the brackets on each ends and attach the finial.

how to get creases out of velvet curtains

Most creases fall out of the drapes after hanging them. Stubborn fold lines and wrinkles can be steamed out using an iron or garment steamer.

Hold the iron or steamer at the back of the panel and steam through the lining. Avoid making contact with the face fabric.


If the key word for you is affordable or quick shipping, these faux velvet curtains from Amazon are the winners. While they aren’t real velvet, they do come in multiple colors, blackout control, and heavy weight synthetic fabric.

When properly installed with nice hardware and rings/clips they can look luxurious and custom to the space. But, don’t be mistaken, they are not the same level as custom, so if you’ve ordered custom drapery and that is what you are accustomed to, this will not fit the bill.

The major pros for these green velvet curtains are that they are inexpensive at $53 for a pair, come in long lengths, ship quickly and block out light well.

For the everyday DIY decorator, these curtains are 10/10!