Falling For Velvet Curtains, Chairs & Pillows

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Falling For Velvet Curtains, Chairs & Pillows

Are you ready to bring the warmth and luxurious feel of velvet into your home? Velvet is a timeless design choice, and there’s no denying its power.

This beautiful fabric can instantly elevate a living space, giving it an air of sophistication that never fails to make an impression. Whether you like bold curtains or curvy chairs, adding a touch of velvet to any room will instantly add depth and a sense of style.

And if you’re still not convinced about velvet’s chic nature, then this blog post is just what you need – keep reading to see my favorites pieces to incorporate velvet into your decor!

Velvet curtain Panels from half priced drapes

It’s not secret that HPD half priced drapes is one of my favorite sources for curtains. While the best seller is the poly velvet curtain panels, they also have cotton panels.

You can order samples of the fabric swatches- I have a ton of these and it’s nice to see the color in your lighting.

Green Velvet Curtains from Amazon in 95
Here are my deep green velvet panels in our guest room + the poodle pup.



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I scoured Wayfair and Perigold for the best looking velvet upholstered items and these pieces really caught my eye.

The velvet looks nice and the shapes are even fancier. I love the curves and cutouts. It really makes them look expensive. Especially the legs on that roll arm sofa!


You can shop the look below with these quick links directly to the items!