IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Free Decluttering Webinar

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Free Decluttering Webinar + FRIDAY ROUND UP


Hey friends. I hope you have had a chance to breathe and reflect on the things happening this week. If you are reading this in the present this week has been challenging for the American people and we are shaken to the core.

If you are reading this at a later time, you can google the events surrounding yesterday, 6 Jan.

With that said, while I know it’s worth addressing, it will take a far longer post to really discuss our thoughts, fears and hopes. In the meantime, I believe we have a duty to respond- to have conversations with friends and neighbors. To love our neighbors and talk about differences, diversity, and injustice. For our children to understand these things on an age appropriate level. And to not be blind or ignorant to it. 


And mostly, as a Christian to disavow the tie between nationalism and white supremacy that often runs rampant in Christian circles. The ideology that America is a chosen land where we need to “go back to the way things were.” Because friends, the way things were was: slavery, humans not having rights under the law, killing innocent people because of their differences, no voting rights (for women or people of color), no land ownership, no rights unless you owned land, public lynchings and executions to name a few. And if you think we are far, far from these horrific things, we are not.

To be clear are still many, many social, racial, and issues to be addressed and much more work to do in making strides as a country and individually, to right wrongs. But going back to “Christian” times is a false narrative- because the Christian values in the bible ARE NOT the same values which created these systems, ideas, and failures of our country that you so desperately want to go back to.


We are human, we make mistakes, we are “depraved, wretched, naked, pitiable, blind, beggars, orphans, sinners”. But, “To all those . . . who are loved by God and called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 1:7) So, repent and give thanks and change the world, starting with dialogue with those closest to you.

It first takes stepping back and looking at recent events. Are you making comparisons? Are you saying one side is right and the other is wrong? 

Look, I think looting and rioting is wrong. BUT, I understand the why. An entire race of people are being treated differently- and killed for it. That is wrong. It is a outcry to LOOK AT WHAT’S HAPPENING.

Do I think it was right to storm the Capital? No. It was not right. It’s also fundamentally wrong. And it has been fueled by a faction of corporations and people spreading lies on social media which has broadened the viewpoint and caused vulnerable people to believe it.

It’s disheartening. You cannot compare the two events and say they are the same. They are not the same. I urge you to take a really hard look at the issues surrounding both and think about why they happened and what needs to change to prevent it from happening again. 

If you cannot find a way to distinguish the two, I urge you to reach out to someone with opposing view points to discuss it. Because again, this isn’t political. IT IS A HUMAN ISSUE. 

Secondly, we need to be cognizant to make change. We should call out evil and speak up against it. Racism, bigotry, judgement. It’s hard. It’s really hard. 

Even if you are in agreement about all of the horrid things happening in America (past and present) it’s hard to not have hatred and disgust towards people who disagree about whether these issues exist. It’s far easier to cut them out of your life and go back to a circle of people who agree with you. 

But that doesn’t create change. Change comes from loving your neighbor and serving others. So that when the time comes, they are open to that conversation. They are open to understanding how and why these things happen and what is fundamentally right and wrong.

I urge you to speak up, to research if you don’t understand, to call me if you don’t agree. I will try my very best to put my anger aside to discuss it with you. But don’t expect it to be sugar coated. These are real people, real lives, not just a people group we are talking about hypothetically. 

That got heavy real fast. But it needed to be said. Maybe you don’t care about my spiritual, political or social beliefs, but they shape me and my work here so I will share them unashamedly. I hope you will share your beliefs and thoughts also because discourse leads to understanding.


For today’s Friday round up we are still working on the pantry clean out & decluttering project. So, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite pantry organization inventory printables from Pinterest for you to head over to their website, download and print them out.

Pantry Organization Inventory Spreadsheet

OneMamasDailyDrama Pantry Inventory Printable

The Peaceful Mom Pantry Inventory Organization Printable

CarrieElle Printable Pantry Inventory List

With an inventory checklist, you’ll better be able to prevent overbuying, but still the supplies and foods you need most often. It’s a great resource that has helped with meal planning and overcrowding in my pantry. It’s a vital part of keeping the pantry organized!

And because we like organization, I’ve got a great free resource for you today! Keep reading.


Are you feeling overwhelmed with Christmas crap? Too many toys and things still lying around? Looking to declutter and start your year off right? I’ve got a plan for you! 


Are you looking for ways to declutter your house and get an early start on spring cleaning?

Me too! That’s why I’m super excited about a FREE class called:

The One Hour Decluttering Quickstart

During this free workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Find the motivation you need to actually start decluttering
  • Set clear, doable goals to give yourself a path forward
  • Identify easy projects that will build your momentum
  • Use the Power Decluttering Method for bigger, better results
  • Overcome decluttering hurdles so you don’t get stuck
  • Keep your space clutter free once and for all

The class is being put together by my friends at Ultimate Bundles and will be taught by Laura Rizer, a popular organization blogger. And it’s completely free!

Click here to save your seat: COUNT ME IN!

I hope you can make it!


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