Splurge vs Steal: Canopy Beds

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Splurge vs Steal: Canopy Beds

Hey there! Today we’re talking about a splurge vs steal on canopy beds. I am loving this series called Splurge vs Steal where I’ll give you some great choices for your next interior decorating project!

We all love a good deal! I’m going to show you high style home decor at good, better, and best levels. You’ll get to see what’s out there and a few affordable look alikes.

As always, when we move down a tier to a lower price point, quality can suffer over the long term. So be sure to read the most current reviews and always look for real life photos of the decor pieces before you buy. I want your expectations to be realistic. But I will also do my best to share pieces with overall positive reviews.

Everyone’s budget is different and where you want to spend and save will vary. Grab a cup of coffee and check out this week’s splurge versus steal on canopy beds.

Splurge vs Steal: Canopy Beds

For this week’s splurge vs steal, we’re talking about canopy beds. The canopy bed is a staple of any luxe master bedroom. They range in styles from ornate carvings, woven rattan, upholstered and mission. Regardless of the style you choose, it will add an instant wow to your bedroom.

I’ve sourced three canopy beds for you at a good, better, and best price and quality point. Check those measurements of your space and the dimensions of the beds before you buy. Pay special attention to the height and you current light fixture placement. You don’t want to have a too big bed or and overhead light in the way.

You’ll also need to pay attention to your ceiling height. I don’t recommend a canopy bed for 8′ and below ceilings. It will make the room look dwarfed and won’t have the same impact as if your ceilings were 9’+.

First, is the Wayfair canopy bed. It’s a traditional upholstered bed frame. You can’t go wrong with this 5 star bed.

Next, comes in this canopy bed from Frontgate. It is also upholstered and has a gold or silver frame to add texture to the room.

Lastly, is the king jewel, the Kathy Kuo canopy bed made of solid oak and 100% cotton linen. It’s the nicest of the three, but also comes with the biggest price tag.

GOOD: Wayfair Rockledge Canopy Bed

BETTER: Frontgate Park Lane Canopy Bed

BEST: Kathy Kuo Eloquence Dauphine

Happy Decorating!

XOXO April

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