Amazon Gift Round Up!

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Amazon Gift Rond Up 2019

Amazon Gift Round Up!

It’s time to shop. I know how easy it is to be paralyzed with so many choices.  I have taken my 16 favorite items from Amazon, and a few of my own wish list items, and complied a short round up of must have gifts. They are perfect for mom, aunts, friends, sisters and the kids.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links for your convenience and at no cost to you. 

Everything on this list is practical and useful. Function and design are both checked off.

For Mom

As a mom, you’re probably the hardest to shop for. So here’s a jump start on your list to send out- or to buy for yourself.

Blue light glasses are a must if you are on screens a lot. Whether it’s your phone or computer, you’ll want these to block out light that can put a strain on your eyes. I ordered these for just under $15 and they are great!All of your burning home decor questions answered in one swoop with this book, But Where Do I Put the Couch?

If you’re still spending money on cable, it’s time to ditch it. We’ve been streaming with Amazon Fire for 4 years now and haven’t looked back. If there’s a show on a network that I really want to follow, I add on the channel or app. We love that we don’t have a monthly cable bill and there we aren’t bombarded with commercials on Amazon. Plus, with Prime, there are hundreds of free movies and shows for parents and the kids.

I’m not the best at non-practical gifts if you haven’t noticed yet. But, when you love something and you use it, you have to share it, right? So I am sharing this detergent. I switched to Rockin Green over a year ago and won’t ever go back. The bag lasts me 6 months, including the occasional tub clothing soak.

I also skip the fabric softener and run a cycle with vinegar in the softener well and a little baking soda in the drum. For hard water, order the Rockin Green made for hard water, also available on Amazon.

If you love color and velvet like I do, this Jonathan Alder Blue Sofa is for you. It’s sleek shape will make any room look perfectly designed.

Along with a colorful sofa, you’ll need a black and white Maze Rug. Or maybe you just need a little something new, either way, this rug has you covered.

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For Organizing

If you need a little help in the organizing department, I’ve listed a few of my favorite items. Each of these items are in my house and I’ve personally vouched for them. I use them regularly and they are both functional and stylish.

Baskets– You can never have enough rope baskets. I have two of these behind the sofa to corral blankets and kids toys. They are large and hold a ton of stuff when you need to do a quick clean up for unexpected drop in guests.

If you love baskets and crated as much as me, read my roundup post of my 18 Favorite Baskets and Crates.

While you’re cleaning things up, you’ll love these reusable beeswax covers. You warm them up with your hands, then press them against the leftovers bowl. Then rinse, fold up, and reuse them the next time. It’s a great alternative to plastic cling wrap.

You can also wrap snacks and fold lunches in these.

I bought a set of these acrylic shelves for the kids room for books and ended up using an extra one to hold a large piece of unframed artwork over the piano. You’ll need to get 3M mounting tape and use two pieces, one on each end to hold them to the wall.

I found that the screws and anchors just didn’t fit quite right. They held up on the wall great with permanent adhesive tape.

See them in my kids Pink & Blue Shared Bedroom Reveal.

Lastly, you can never have enough trays. Between my Jonathan Adler lacquered glossy trays and this shagreen and gold tray, you can hold all of your tchotchkes. The list of uses is endless, but a few of my favorites are:

  • magazines
  • coffee cup in the morning
  • favorite book and reading glasses
  • coffee table coasters and remotes
  • vase of fresh Trader Joes flowers
  • notepad, pens and mail/bills to be mailed out
  • kids schoolwork & artwork
  • coffee press, sugar pot and teaspoons
  • candle and matches
  • decorative objects

You can also learn How to Style a Coffee Table with these pretty trays in this post. 

For the Kids

Next up is the kid’s list. The look of excitement on their faces when opening gifts fills me with joy. I try to be intentional about what toys we buy. I don’t want to be wasteful and I want things that will last.

We also like family games because they don’t take up too much space and keep us away from the tv.


This lego table has two storage drawers and a lego plate top. I know the kids would love this and it doubles for easy clean up.

Hape Marble Track- This is on my wish list this year. I know both my 7 and 2 year old would love setting this up and watching the marbles roll down and race to the bottom. It’s sturdy and wooden, which makes it sustainable and great to pass on to another family after the kids are finished enjoying it.

Checkers, tic tac toe and a large fabric mat will be great for playing games together. I can’t wait to use this to play endless games of checkers and connect 4.

We love Charades and I know your family will too. It’s fun to act out silly cards and scream our guesses over the other players. It gets everyone involved and is always a fun time.

For the girls, this Hape wooden dollhouse is perfect. It’s so cute and sweet. 

I’m not sure who loves lego build projects more, the 7 year old or me. I LOVE putting together lego sets and this one takes the cake. How cool is the ship in a bottle?! Make sure you pick up lego glue also, because you’ll want to keep this one in tact.

Lastly, I’m finishing up my roundup with a rainbow stacker. While I bought it for the little one, my 7 year old was wide eyed and couldn’t wait to play with it. It stacks in so many ways and the shapes and make figures. It’s versatile and open ended. Pinterest has hundreds of ideas of ways to stack and things to build with the rainbow.

I hope this short round up is helpful in starting your Christmas wish lists. Whether you use the ideas for yourself, your kids, friends, mothers, children’s children, or secret santa, I know you’ll love whatever you pick.

Making a list can be overwhelming when you go down the Amazon rabbit hole. Hours later you are just as lost as when you started, so use this as a starting point.

Happy Shopping!

Amazon Gift Rond Up 2019

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