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9 Must Have House Numbers We’re Loving

9 Must Have House Numbers

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about curb appeal and where our house is lacking. While plants and hardscapes take time (and money) to grow into place and organically change the appearance of your house, updating your house numbers or address hardware is an inexpensive way to add major curb appeal.

Not only does having a beautiful set of house numbers add instant curb appeal, it also makes finding your house easier for friends and visitors.

We’ve scoured major retailers and artisan shops on Etsy to round up the best house address numbers we could find and we know you’re going to love them as much as we do. From modern to traditional, we have a little bit of everything & we’ve even linked where to buy them so that you can add your own dash of curb appeal. Without further ado, I give you the top 9 list.


I’m starting off with a traditional shop, Pottery Barn, that has added some modern elements. These clean lined white numbers are set on a perfectly square black plaque and would pop against a white house with black shutters. You’ll want to hang this plate beside your front door for best placement.

9 Must Have House Numbers


These large aged bronze address numbers from House of Antique Hardware are reminiscent of Studio 54. The font has that mid century modern appeal that would look great on any house, but especially on a mid century style one story home.


9 Must Have House Numbers



Rejuvenation has done it again! As far as Brass goes, these are the gold standard, pun intended. The modern crisp style is beautiful under the sconce, flanking the front entry door as seen below.



It’s all in the name for these standard, traditional address numbers and letters. We’ve searched high and low for address letters as well as numbers and these classic 4″ letters will complement your arts and crafts or colonial home perfectly.

Plus, having a letter in my address bar, I know it’s not easy to find letters in the same style as the house number.

9 Must Have House Numbers

9 Must Have House Numbers


I tend to turn to Etsy when looking for antique or unique home decor. The site has an abundance shops that make home address plaques. The concrete + wood in this sign fit well with mid tone wood that is currently trending.

9 Must Have House Numbers


I was struck again on Etsy by these craftsman style number and directionals for your front door or porch posts, in a deep bronze.  They measure slightly larger than standard 5″ height.

9 Must Have House Numbers


I’m loving the warm wood tone mixed with the matte brass numbers. The diagonal wood planks add interest to this round house number plaque.

9 Must Have House Numbers


If you have porch posts or a narrow entryway, you may need a vertical address plate. This modern cutout sign post checks all of the boxes: clean lines, sans font, brushed metal and the ability to rear mount and conceal the hardware. It’s a win-win.


I am loving the Urban Mettle Etsy shop when it comes to showing off your house address in a clean, sophisticated way. If you have a dark exterior paint color you have to have this white and gold plaque to contrast. Alternatively, pair it with your white house to make the numbers stand out, but the hardware blend in.

9 Must Have House Numbers

There you have it, our Top 9 to help you choose the perfect address numerals for your home. Which style do you like most? Traditional address numbers or modern plaques? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to send in photos of the house numbers you chose to be featured on the blog!

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9 Must Have House Numbers


DockATot Grand Review: A Year Later at

I blogged about buying a DockATot for Baby Hels last year (see it here) and how I planned to use it for her as an infant. Helen loves to be held. She snuggles and cuddles and laughs and plays. But, from the time she was born, she did not want to sleep on her own at night. We tried. EVERYTHING. No one slept. She cried in the bassinet. She cried in a swaddle. She cried in the swing. There was no sleeping situation that where the crying stopped or even slowed down unless she was being held.

DockATot Grand Review: A Year Later at StampinFool.comDockATot Grand Review: A Year Later at

Now this wasn’t the case all day. She would play on the floor, and didn’t mind being held by friends and family. It wasn’t necessarily a crying problem or even a sleeping problem. It was an only sleeping at night when being held problem. So, for the first 3-4 months I held her every night. I slept propped up in bed at night, banished the husband to the other room and stripped the bed of blankets. I was super worried about safe sleeping and after researching, decided our ultra firm, bare mattress was safe to bed share, supervised, with only me in the bed at arms length, before she could roll.

I started swaddling her and placing her in the middle of the bed. But soon she started to move and roll. It was time to ditch the swaddle. She started crawling on top of me and the cycle of only sleeping on top of me continued. It was sweet at first, then it was exhausting. We decided to try the DockATot. And it worked. We transitioned her into the Dock in the middle of our bed. It was snug, so she started to sleep through the night in the Dock.

Helen is small, but she was getting older. As we reached the year mark, she started climbing out of it again and sleeping on me (see the pattern here, haha she loves mama). I wasn’t sleeping well- I’m a side sleeper and she would cry if she wasn’t sleeping on my chest. It’s not conducive to great sleep.

DockATot Grand Review: A Year Later at

THEN, DockATot had a rare 500K Followers Instagram sale. They don’t go on sale often, but I was on the mailing list and got an email a few days before that they would be celebrating 500,000 Instagram likes by offering 50% for the first 500, and 25% off on ALL products. I kept thinking about it. I kept debating. So much so that I had the DockATot Grand in my cart and didn’t pull the trigger at the 50% off mark. I missed out. It was driving me nuts. So, at 11pm when I was restless and couldn’t stop thinking about how good of a deal it was and that it was unlikely to happen again, I couldn’t pass it up. I grabbed my phone and ordered the Dock Grand in the beautiful En Via La Rose print.

We started with it in our bed once again. *It takes up a lot of space. We have a King size bed, Husband complained. The climbing out continued and it was time to make a change. Helen needed her own place to sleep. It was going to be a transition and would probably result in a lot of crying. I had been dreading it for months. Years. I couldn’t handle the thought that she might cry all night for weeks on end and never adjust.

My husband assured me that she would adjust and if not, we try something else. We moved her unused bed into our room with the plan to move it into brother’s room after we were sure the nighttime crying had subsided and it wouldn’t wake him too.

DockATot Grand Review: A Year Later at DockATot Grand Review: A Year Later at

We put the new DockATot Grand in her bed and put her down for the night. I checked on her every 5 minutes. She cried for about 30 minutes. Then she was asleep. On night two she fussed less than ten minutes. Too short of a time to even calm her. Night 3 was a win also.

I am happy to say that we have successfully moved Hels from our bed to her own and I know that having the comfort of her DockATot helped ease the transition.

If you want more information on the DockATot or think it’s the right fit for your family, you can click any of the links in this post to head over to the Dock website and check it out. There are hundreds of other reviews as well.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few more pictures of sweet Helen, because everyone loves those!


DockATot Grand Review: A Year Later at

DockATot Grand Review: A Year Later at

This post contains affiliate links, but is not a sponsored ad- when you buy, I receive a percentage at no cost to you.

Vote Now: Stitch Fix January 2019

It’s here! My January Stitch Fix box has arrived and now it’s time to show off the goods. Drop a comment with your fav from this box and head over to my Instagram Stories to vote on each piece.

First up is a black and white striped sweater with brown weathered elbow patches. I love black and white so this is a favorite of mine.

Next up is this printed back with ivory arrow pattern blouse. It’s comfortable, but can be dressed up for work.

I’m not going to lie- I’m not a fan of red or burgundy, BUT this cardigan is amazing. It’s comfortable, has pockets (eek!!) and looks great with jeans. I wouldn’t normally jump, but for this cardi I’m thinking KEEP.

Lastly, a blue and red floral faux wrap dress. It’s a little short for my body, but the pattern is nice.

Want to hear more about Stitch Fix. And I’m glad, because I have a lot of great info for you. I will be showing off the pieces of clothing I received, reviewing them, and talking an little bit about why and what I love and didn’t love.

I kept seeing Stitch Fix show up in my Pinterest feed and knew I needed to try it out. I wanted to be a part of all the buzz, and I am certainly glad I did. Let me answer your most pressing question, can I afford it and is it expensive.  My answer is YES and YES.

For the first part, can I afford it: the answer is yes you can afford to have a few nice pieces of clothing- if it is in your budget.  Don’t expect to get a $20 shirt.  And if you are on a really tight budget and don’t have and extra $100 wiggle room, this may not be the box for you.  I understand, I’ve been there. All things considered, most of my Stitch Fix pieces are around $38.00- $50.00.  I usually shop at Target on the clearance rack, so this is sticker shock, BUT, when you find a really nice piece of clothing, like a silk blouse, that will last for a long time and looks unique, it makes it worth the price.

Secondly, is it expensive? If you are used to shopping at Goodwill and Target or catching bottom rack sales, you are going to jump at the price.

Okay, so there you have it. I am happy enough to keep going. Part of it is strategic. You get the $20 styling fee credited to your order (you paid it when the box shipped) and then you get 25% off if you buy all 5 pieces, so sometimes, it is cheaper to buy them all & get the discount.

Make sure you note to your stylist that you were keeping them for a gift, or keeping them for the price not that you loved them. Leave feedback. Specific feedback for the best picks and Pin your favs because your stylist can send you items that you’ve pinned!

Drop your thoughts in the comments.