Colonial Williamsburg With Kids: Governor’s Palace

Colonial Williamsburg: Children's Tour of the Palace Travel Tips

If your next vacation includes passing though Colonial Williamsburg or you are a local Hampton Roads resident, seeing Colonial Williamsburg is a must. It is rich in history and education. While you’ll enjoy the beauty of the Colony any time of year, the guided tours are a real treat. As a Williamsburg local, our weekends are spent at the Farmer’s Market downtown and walking the streets of Colonial Williamsburg with the kids to run off their energy. We eat lunch on the lawn, play frisbee and then head over to the bookstore to grab Starbucks.

Summer hit and the kids were bored. I knew we had an awesome resource at our hands, but had never ventured out for a tour. I called to book a Children’s Tour of the Governor’s Palace and here’s what I learned.

The Children’s Tour of the Governor’s Palace (it’s FREE, but you must reserve your spots) is unforgettable! The guided tour is geared towards elementary aged kids, but as an adult I was fascinated. You’ll start out in the maid’s quarters and work your way through the Palace discussing what it was like to live in the palace before the Revolution, how the palace events honored the King and Queen of England, and what the rooms were typically used for. The educational value is woven throughout the tour in a way that makes it interesting and fun, but doesn’t bore little ones. We walked, we learned how to dance in the ballroom, and we wandered the hedge maze in the gardens.

Our tour guide was fantastic at engaging the kids and adults, and answered period questions as well as teaching our group customary etiquette of the 1770’s.

Colonial Williamsburg: Children's Tour of the Palace Travel Tips

To best prepare for your Colonial Williamsburg visit, I’ll leave you with these tips so that you don’t miss out on the Governor’s Palace fun.

Things to know:

  • You must have an admission ticket for Colonial Williamsburg or a Williamsburg Good Neighbor pass to register for the tour.
  • Book early. The tours are small groups and fill up quickly.
  • Collect your tickets from the Visitor’s Center or the Ticket booth in Merchant’s Square.
  • Arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes early to find parking and walk to the West Entrance of the Palace (the left side). That was cutting it close for me to grab tickets and book it to the palace while dragging the kids.
  • The tour is approx 25 minutes. We spent 30 minutes outside in the gardens after the tour.
  • Bring water! The summers are hot and humid here and your kids will need water while wandering the garden maze behind the palace.
  • Bathrooms are right outside the Palace.
  • Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic on the tree lined Palace Green while you watch the horse drawn carriages pass by.
  • Or grab lunch at the famous Cheese Shop in Merchant’s Square.
  • Infants in arms. I can’t say for certain that strollers aren’t permitted, but there are stairs in the tour and it wouldn’t be manageable. I carried my 11 month old throughout the tour. A wrap or infant carrier would have worked well too. The tour was short enough that carrying her wasn’t unbearable, but it would have been easier with two hands free.
  • The craftsmanship is stunning. And the colors are vivid, which surprised me since it is 18th century accurate.
Colonial Williamsburg: Children's Tour of the Palace Travel Tips

The rear exit of the Colonial Williamsburg Governor’s Palace.


Colonial Williamsburg: Children's Tour of the Palace Travel Tips

The marble Palace entrance floors were stunning.

Colonial Williamsburg: Children's Tour of the Palace Travel Tips


Colonial Williamsburg: Children's Tour of the Palace Travel Tips


Quick and Easy Tropical Escape Thank You Cards

Off to A Tropical Escape

Need a few quick and easy thank you cards? These Tropical cards will whisk your recipient off to a palm tree filled land of thankfulness! 

The great thing about the Tropical Escape suite is that the products coordinate perfectly to make super quick, simple cards that look amazing! You can also keep on budget because you’ll only need a one stamp set, one paper pack and one color ink to achieve handmade goodness.

Easy enough? Are you ready to get started?!? Grab your supplies:

Here are the links to the supplies needed

Shaded Spruce Tropical Escape Card


  1. Cut card stock case to 4 1/4″ x 8 1/2″. Score at 5 1/2″.
  2. Cut Tropical Escape patterned paper to 4″ x 5 1/4″. Adhere to the front of the card with glue. 
  3. On a scrap of White card stock, stamp the greeting in Shaded Spruce ink. You can add a Lime leaf by stamping off  onto scrap paper once then stamping the leaf slightly overlapping the sentiment.
  4. Punch out the greeting with the Everyday Label Punch. 
  5. Use the leftover scraps from the patterned paper to make a banner or color accent on the card front. Adhere with glue.
  6. Attach the greeting with two dimensionals. 
  7. Embellish with a twine bow, paper doily or glitter dots.
  8. Enjoy giving it away!

Mom Life & Baby Shower Picks: Itzy Ritzy for the Win

Mom Life & Baby Shower Picks: Itzy Ritzy for the Win

Life is hectic with kids and businesses to run. We are on the go a lot. Whether shuffling from one office to the next, dropping at summer program, grocery shopping (or Target browsing), or hitting parks, museums, and community events for the kids.


To make sure I’m prepared, I keep a go bag in the car. I have a fully packed diaper bag with spare clothes for the kids (because water parks and hoses pop up in unexpected places), diaper, a few toys, meds, a blanket, shopping cart cover, teething necklace, a spare pacifier or four, lady products, chapstick, and granola bars. I leave it in the car. ALL THE TIME. Seriously!

That means to get out of the door, all I need to do is fill water bottles for the kids and myself, grab a few pieces of fruit, and the kids. Don’t forget the kids. This is a life saver. All I need is already in the car, I just drop in the water bottles, sippy cup and fresh fruit. I restock diaper and wipes as needed.

I didn’t do this with my first. I loaded and unloaded the diaper bag every single time. I took it into every store. Something clicked this time around. I keep a small purse with my wallet, phone and keys. Because everything I could ever need is in the bag already. In a store? I likely won’t need clothes, snacks, diapers, blankets, etc. All I need is a wallet. Everything else can wait until we get back to the car.

For outings, like the park or museum, a diaper bag was getting heavy and hard to juggle while carrying baby. Now, I have the Boss Backpack style and it is perfect! I can carry it without it falling off of my shoulders and it has everything to sustain us without an hour of packing before we can leave the house.

Because I rave about this bag so much, I have a discount code just for you. Head over to and use CODE: AWBFF25 for 25% off of your entire order, for anything on the site- including my favorite backpack bag. #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy

Want to see how it’s packed? Check out my list of baby shower must haves that fill my bag.

Mom Life & Baby Shower Picks: Itzy Ritzy for the Win
ItzyRitzy Boss Backpack #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy ItzyRitzy Boss Backpack #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy


If I had one tip for the new mom, it would be to do the whole car backpack diaper bag thing. It seriously saves so much time, skips lugging the whole house, and being at a restaurant to realize  you forgot a change of baby clothes and you’re covered in poop. So get that new mom the backpack dapper bag of their dreams and tell them to try this little trick of leaving the bag in the car.

Here are my must have things to go into this car backpack:


The everything bag. Comes with a changing pad, tons of pockets and clips and in these three awesome colors combos for any mom’s style.

ItzyRitzy Boss Backpack #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy   ItzyRitzy Boss Backpack #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy  ItzyRitzy Boss Backpack #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy     ItzyRitzy Boss Backpack #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy

Teething Toys

Silicone, Food grade, BPA free adorable teeters. These are HUGE. You may be thinking, oh a small cute teether, think again. It’s the size of my entire hand- fingers included, which is perfect for baby to get a good grip and chew away. The textured back helps massage sore gums.

ItzyRitzy Teething Toys #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy ItzyRitzy Teething Toys #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy ItzyRitzy Teething Toys #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy

Teething Necklace

These two teething necklaces are my absolute favorite. They neutral colors go with everything! And they look like a grown up piece of statement jewelry, not a tack baby toy. I don’t leave the house without wearing one, and I keep an extra in my backpack. Helen can few on it while in a shopping cart for entertainment. It’s great!

My mom gifted me the gray palette for christmas and I recently bought the chevron necklace to round out my outfits.

ItzyRitzy Teething Necklace #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy

Reuseable Snack Bag

I am trying to make a conscious effort to reduce single use products. Call me crunchy, hippie, but I feel compelled to make small changes where I can. My husband rolls his eyes at them, so I won’t judge you for thinking I’m crazy! Enter reusable snack bags. Each kid has one and they go everywhere we go.

ItzyRitzy Reusable snack bag #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy

Shopping Car Cover

Having a shopping cart cover is like Clorox. It keeps the germs away because, well, babies chew and lick everything. Do the sweet baby a favor and grab a cart cover. You won’t regret it.

ItzyRitzy Shopping Cart Cover #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy


Because I rave about these things so much, I have a discount code just for you. Head over to and use CODE: AWBFF25 for 25% off of your entire order, for anything on the site- including my favorite backpack bag. #itzyritzyinsiders @itzyritzy


Mom Life & Baby Shower Picks: Itzy Ritzy for the Win


DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint

Hello all! I wanted to drop a quick line today to let you in on an awesome project I am working on. I’ve decided to paint our kitchen table a navy blue with General Finishes paint.

If you’re on Instagram, you can head over and see the live videos all day of what I’m using, how to prep your furniture and how to apply the paint. Live videos are only available today so make sure you check it out!

I ran out to the store at 10:00 am when they opened to grab Klein Blue and Lamp Black paint. I will be mixing a little black into the blue to darken the color to navy. GF has a Coastal Blue, but it didn’t quite hit the spot for me.

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint


  • General Finishes Klein Blue milk paint
  • GF Lamp Black milk paint
  • Paint stirrer
  • 3″ paint brush
  • Sandpaper 150 and 220
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Razor blade for getting crud off table
  • Furniture

I’ll leave you with a few pictures. I will definitely be back with a full tutorial for you!! Happy DIY!

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes PaintI’ll go ahead and bare it all and show you the before. It’s your run of the mill Walmart kitchen or college dorm table with four chairs. You can find them a dime a dozen at yard sales because literally everyone has them. It’s dated looking, the kids have colored on it, painted on it, stamped my old notary seal, sharpie, Crazy glue blobs, spaghetti fingerprints that are now engrained, but it’s a solid piece.

{ if you are looking to buy one new, Walmart has a Better Homes and Gardens table almost identical for under $100. You can update the oak with any paint color of your choice.}

You will fully prep the table by scraping any gunk (I LOVE a pampered chef stoneware scraper. It’s a little inexpensive plastic gadget that really gets the kid gunk off without cutting the table). Sand any glue or bumps off the table and give the surface a light 220 sand with the grain. Wipe is clean with a microfiber cloth.

To start painting, stir your paint cans with a paint stirrer. You can mix a custom color in a disposable paint bucket liner. I started with 10:1 mixture but it was too blue. I added more black to the mixture to approx 3/4 Klein blue, 1/4 Lamp Black.

In order to keep brush strokes consistent, start with the outer edge and work around the entire table painting the lip first in ONE DIRECTION. Try to avoid backtracking too much as it will drag the paint. This paint self levels really wall so if you use even coats the strokes will disappear.

For the top, start at one end and paint with the grain to the other end, making sure to only paint in one direction not back and forth.

Coat one is on the table. I went with a thin coat this time for a faster drying time (recoat time) and I’ll do a thicker coat on round two.

It will be dry to the touch in about 30 minutes with full dry recoat time being about two hours. Crank up the air conditioning to speed up the time. It helps in really humid or hot climates.

Below you can see gaps in the color which is perfectly normal with your base coat. One you apply another coat or two they will disappear.

Are you ready to see coat two?!? It looks amazing y’all. It’s a deep, dark smooth finish.

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint

Here’s the finished table. Are you as in love as I am? I am so happy I went with Navy. It’s the perfect color to make the table pop and the white look bright and fresh!

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint

To protect the table while it cures (about a week after the hard coat) I scored these perfect Kate Spade placemats from Home Goods. I found the blue Painted Gingham and my son spotted the bright Prospect Park print under a stack of other mats. He shouted Mom, these are perfect and I have to agree; they really add he perfect amount of color to the breakfast nook.

Which set would you use in on your table and which looks best on mine?! Drop your answer in the comments and help me decide!!

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint