DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint

Hello all! I wanted to drop a quick line today to let you in on an awesome project I am working on. I’ve decided to paint our kitchen table a navy blue with General Finishes paint.

If you’re on Instagram, you can head over and see the live videos all day of what I’m using, how to prep your furniture and how to apply the paint. Live videos are only available today so make sure you check it out!

I ran out to the store at 10:00 am when they opened to grab Klein Blue and Lamp Black paint. I will be mixing a little black into the blue to darken the color to navy. GF has a Coastal Blue, but it didn’t quite hit the spot for me.

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint


  • General Finishes Klein Blue milk paint
  • GF Lamp Black milk paint
  • Paint stirrer
  • 3″ paint brush
  • Sandpaper 150 and 220
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Razor blade for getting crud off table
  • Furniture

I’ll leave you with a few pictures. I will definitely be back with a full tutorial for you!! Happy DIY!

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes PaintI’ll go ahead and bare it all and show you the before. It’s your run of the mill Walmart kitchen or college dorm table with four chairs. You can find them a dime a dozen at yard sales because literally everyone has them. It’s dated looking, the kids have colored on it, painted on it, stamped my old notary seal, sharpie, Crazy glue blobs, spaghetti fingerprints that are now engrained, but it’s a solid piece.

{ if you are looking to buy one new, Walmart has a Better Homes and Gardens table almost identical for under $100. You can update the oak with any paint color of your choice.}

You will fully prep the table by scraping any gunk (I LOVE a pampered chef stoneware scraper. It’s a little inexpensive plastic gadget that really gets the kid gunk off without cutting the table). Sand any glue or bumps off the table and give the surface a light 220 sand with the grain. Wipe is clean with a microfiber cloth.

To start painting, stir your paint cans with a paint stirrer. You can mix a custom color in a disposable paint bucket liner. I started with 10:1 mixture but it was too blue. I added more black to the mixture to approx 3/4 Klein blue, 1/4 Lamp Black.

In order to keep brush strokes consistent, start with the outer edge and work around the entire table painting the lip first in ONE DIRECTION. Try to avoid backtracking too much as it will drag the paint. This paint self levels really wall so if you use even coats the strokes will disappear.

For the top, start at one end and paint with the grain to the other end, making sure to only paint in one direction not back and forth.

Coat one is on the table. I went with a thin coat this time for a faster drying time (recoat time) and I’ll do a thicker coat on round two.

It will be dry to the touch in about 30 minutes with full dry recoat time being about two hours. Crank up the air conditioning to speed up the time. It helps in really humid or hot climates.

Below you can see gaps in the color which is perfectly normal with your base coat. One you apply another coat or two they will disappear.

Are you ready to see coat two?!? It looks amazing y’all. It’s a deep, dark smooth finish.

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint

Here’s the finished table. Are you as in love as I am? I am so happy I went with Navy. It’s the perfect color to make the table pop and the white look bright and fresh!

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint

To protect the table while it cures (about a week after the hard coat) I scored these perfect Kate Spade placemats from Home Goods. I found the blue Painted Gingham and my son spotted the bright Prospect Park print under a stack of other mats. He shouted Mom, these are perfect and I have to agree; they really add he perfect amount of color to the breakfast nook.

Which set would you use in on your table and which looks best on mine?! Drop your answer in the comments and help me decide!!

DIY Table Makeover Using General Finishes Paint





How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden from

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden

This summer our garden has kind of been a flop. While the cucumbers and squash didn’t grow as well as they usually do, the green beans flourished. We picked and ate them multiple times with our dinner and decided to pluck and freeze the rest for later use. I am going to share a quick and easy way to freeze green beans from your garden so that you can enjoy them all year long.

Why freeze green beans? Well, you have three choices: eat them, freeze them, or can them. I prefer frozen vegetables to canned because they remain firm. I have been lucky enough to cook mostly fresh vegetables for the majority of my adult life and really prefer them firm and bright green over slightly soft. I also like to control the saltiness, which can be overpowering when canned. It is total preference here. If you love canned green beans, let me know in the comments and give me your secrets!!

Here is a photo of one of the eight raised garden beds we grew veggies in this year. Silas is hard at work picking the beans so that I can cook them. (This particular variety is Yellow Wax bush bean, which tastes like green beans even though they are yellow. They have a very earthy flavor).

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden from

Alright, grab your supplies and let’s get started.

What you’ll need to freeze green beans:

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden

  1. Wash beans. Trim or snap off ends.
  2. Boil water in large dutch oven.
  3. Once boiling, drop beans and boil for 2 minutes.
  4. Remove beans from water and place in ice cold water bowl to stop the cooking process. I do this in the sink.
  5. Pat green beans dry.
  6. Place beans single layer on a cookie sheet and place in freezer until frozen. Place desired serving size in ziplock freezer bags.
  7. Don’t forget to date the frozen green beans before placing them in the freezer. *Best eaten within 6 months.

How I cook them:

Boil water, drop in frozen beans, boil for 3 minutes until bright green, drain and add grass fed butter and salt.

What do you think? Pretty easy isn’t it! Will you and your family try freezing green beans this year? Lastly, I’ll share this sweet green bean face?

Happy Gardening, friends!

How to Freeze Green Beans from the Garden from



Amazon Prime Day! 2018!!

Amazon Prime Day


Happy Monday! Usually Monday’s are the start of a dragging week, but today, it’s AMAZON PRIME DAY! Which means all of your favorite things can be at your doorstep in two days, with FREE shipping and a HUGE SALE price!

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3. Get Notified

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Prime Day Favorites

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